Martha’s Vineyard Proves Leftist Hypocrisy On Illegal Immigration

(by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge) – As if there wasn’t enough evidence already, the political left’s duplicity on how to handle illegal immigration is now a matter of obvious historic record.  For decades open border proponents have argued that America is a nation “built by immigrants” and that if we seek to control our own borders we are essentially abandoning our national heritage.  A rather interesting talking point from people that generally hate America and want to dismantle every aspect of our heritage.

Also, America is a nation built by explorers and colonists first, and LEGAL immigrants second.

The humanitarian image of leftists is often used as a shield to protect them from dealing with logical and rational arguments on economic practicality.  They will claim that it “doesn’t matter” if our system cannot continue to sustain millions of migrants pouring across the border every year; we “have to find a way” because it’s the “right thing to do.”  The notion of the soul searching, empathetic progressive taking on the inequities of the world like some new age Mother Theresa willing to give the shirt off their back is a complete fraud, and the events at Martha’s Vineyard prove it.

This week Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opted to follow the example of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and begin his own program of migrant relocation, flying them straight to the affluent backyard of open border advocates like Barack Obama.  The island is also the vacation destination for numerous corporate elitists including Bill Gates.

We have seen the clear results of the migrant busing strategy in New York and Washington DC, where Democrat Mayors are scrambling to deal with the influx of a mere 10,000 total immigrants.  DC Mayor Muriel Bowser even asked that the federal government intervene and allow the national guard to take over the handling of the situation (the request was denied).  New York Mayor Eric Adams complained that illegal immigrants were a “burden”on his city.

The shelter systems in both cities are overwhelmed and they don’t have the capacity to maintain aid.  Keep in mind, this is due to a tiny fraction of the migrants that border towns in states like Texas deal with annually.

Of course, leftists refuse to acknowledge the lesson they are being taught here.  Instead of recognizing the folly of Biden’s continued open border measures that essentially reward non-citizens that illegally invade with long term residency in the US, democrats have instead decided the best option is to attack conservative states as being “monstrous” for “using people as political pawns.”  Set aside the fact that this is exactly what leftists have been doing for some time, and the fact that Biden has been relocating migrants across the US since he entered office.

You see, the political left is perfectly fine with relocation and strategically implanting migrants into specific area of the country, but only if THEY get to choose the locations.  They do not like that their tactics are now being used against them

Officials in Martha’s Vineyard put on quite the song-and-dance theatrics for the media cameras when the 50 DeSantis migrants showed up on their doorstep.  They pontificated about taking care of the less fortunate and leaving the door open to helping others in need.  They even fed the migrants, unloading hot meals from vans and trucks as the media recorded everything carefully.  But, their hospitality only lasted for a day and everything changed.

Martha’s Vineyard is now busing most or all of the migrants off of the island and sending them to Cape Cod Military Base.  So much for the well publicized image of the humanitarian left.  They don’t want to take care of these people either. 

The media is adding spin to the relocation news, suggesting that the move is “voluntary.” However, it would be interesting to see what would happen if the migrants actually refused to leave.  Would they really be allowed to stay in the resort town for the ultra rich?  Or, would they be quietly kicked out and told to never come back?  It is doubtful that the relocations from Martha’s Vineyard are optional.

The true face of open border ideology is one of exploitation for political gain.  Democrats have been consistently hostile towards any attempts at state voter ID laws for a reason – They hope to use illegal immigrants as a battering ram to destabilize our existing culture and also as a voting pool that would make them impossible to remove from office in the near future.  They have sought to purchase votes indirectly by offering citizenship in exchange for loyalty.  In other words, they let the illegals in, block voter identification, and then say “vote for us or the conservatives will kick you out.”

And yet, here they are, kicking the same migrants from their precious enclaves like Martha’s Vineyard.  Leftists want conservatives to deal with the consequences of their border politics.  The second they have to deal with the consequences, suddenly the relocation of migrants is a travesty and a governmental emergency.  The hypocrisy of the left is endless.

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