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Mothers Separated From Newborn Babies Due to COVID-19

Getting pregnant, growing a healthy baby, and just making it to the delivery room are all big events in life. Labor and delivery is stressful, but in the end most parents get to the other side of it all to kiss and cuddle a new addition to their family. At least, that’s how it was before the COVID era.

Thanks to government overreach and medical tyranny, bringing a baby into the world has become much more complicated than it was before. Protocols can differ depending on the state, city, and hospital, but many expectant mothers and fathers are now required to take a COVID test, wear masks during the delivery process, and even allow doctors to separate newborns from their mothers immediately after birth.

In some cases, a positive test result — including a false positive — means giving up parental rights until the doctors deem it “safe” to give them back. Missouri mother Veronica Batton developed a cough just before going into labor. She was given a COVID-19 test, but because the results weren’t back by the time her daughter was delivered, the baby was taken from her for four days, after which time, her test came back negative.

There was no reason for this mother and child to be separated, but because of the political, medical, and societal fear of a virus that has proven to be nothing more than a bad flu, they were forced apart during the most crucial period of bonding time. Breastfeeding mothers need to start nursing as soon after birth as possible. Babies need the comforting sounds, smells, and skin-to-skin touch of their mother directly after being thrust into the world in order to thrive. Problems such as postpartum depression and feelings of apprehension toward motherhood are lessened when the bond between mother and infant is started at birth.

Even the WHO admits that taking babies away from their mothers after delivery increases infant mortality rates. Yet, cases such as Batton’s are popping up all over the country. Tiffany Miller took to Facebook to describe her horrific experience, in which her newborn baby was transferred to another hospital without her consent because she received a false positive for COVID-19 from a PCR test.

Her parental rights were completely revoked until the doctors deemed it “safe” to give them back. Situations such as this destroy trust between expectant mothers and the medical industry. Because of this, home birthing is on the rise. Most home births for low-risk mothers are safe and successful.

In fact, in 2019 Eileen Hutton, professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynecology and founding director of the McMaster University Midwifery Research Centre, published the results of a study comparing hospital births with home births and concluded that the risk is no different when the birth is intended to be at home or in a hospital.

But women should not have to choose between a home birth or potentially giving up their parental rights because of excessive COVID rules. By separating a child from its mother just after being born, the medical industry is increasing the risk of death and complications, all due to irrational COVID-19 fears.

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