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Nebraska and South Dakota both declare fuel supply emergencies amid escalating energy crisis

(by Ethan Huff | Natural News) – At least two fuel-related emergency declarations have been issued, one in Nebraska and the other in South Dakota.

The latter’s Kristi Noem, South Dakota’s governor, issued an executive order (EO) providing truckers who haul liquid fuel products with relief from Hours of Service rules due to “extremely low inventories and outages of certain liquid products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, propane, ethyl alcohol, natural gasoline, diesel exhaust fluid, and anhydrous ammonia.”

In Nebraska, Gov. Pete Ricketts issued a similar emergency declaration not long after providing relief from Hours of Service requirements for all truckers moving gasoline or gasoline blends, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, propane, and biodiesel.

That announcement came with an explanation that “several multiple states including Nebraska are experiencing fuel shortages due to high demand for petroleum products.”

Both EOs stipulate that logistics carriers can no longer require fatigued drivers to operate their trucks against their will. Any driver who notifies a motor carrier that he or she needs immediate rest is to be granted at least 10 consecutive hours off-duty before being required to return to work.

Will the United States make it through the coming dark winter?

In case you missed it, diesel supplies are especially tight, specifically on the East Coast and in some parts of the south. A day before Gov. Noem issued the EO for South Dakota, Mansfield Energy issued a supply alert for diesel fuel markets on the East Coast due to “rapidly devolving” energy market conditions. Read Full Article >

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