(by World Tribune) – It’s coming. We all know it’s coming. And here is the dominant media wing of the ruling establishment setting the table for it. People opposed to mandatory vaccines are going to be officially labeled domestic terrorist threats.

News headline, Reuters, Dec. 15:

German police foil ‘anti-vaxxer murder plot’ against state premier

The first 11 words are simply outrageous “reporting”:

German police have foiled a plot by anti-vaccination activists to murder the state premier of Saxony in eastern Germany, they said on Wednesday, as concerns grow over an increasingly violent pushback against COVID-19 vaccination plans.

The plot to kill Michael Kretschmer is the latest in a series of incidents that underscore the anger of some Germans over restrictions on the unvaccinated and plans to make vaccinations compulsory for the general population.

Saxony has one of Germany’s highest levels of COVID-19 infection but also its lowest vaccination rate. It is a stronghold of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), which harbors many vaccine sceptics and anti-lockdown protesters.

As the ribald (yes, this is a form of journalistic pornography) piece continues, the word “attacks” isn’t defined in any meaningful way. Is this just severe verbal criticism? Imagine that. A few years ago people weren’t being locked down, fired from their jobs and forced to wear masks  whenever they popped their heads outside their homes either:

Protests against COVID-19 restrictions in Germany have become more violent, with increased attacks on doctors, politicians and journalists.

“Such attacks were unthinkable just a few years ago,” said Klaus Reinhardt, head of the German Medical Association.

The implications are truly frightening. Just as with the thoroughly bogus Jan. 6 narrative in the United States, if ruling authorities have their way on vaccination framing, totally innocent people will eventually be going to jail for significant lengths of time. Here and around the Western world:

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office has classified vaccination opponents and coronavirus deniers as a “relevant risk.”

Taxpayer-funded NPR played the same demonization game in its account:

German police confiscated weapons during raids in the eastern cities of Dresden and Heidenau on Wednesday in connection with an alleged plot by radical anti-vaccination activists to kill Saxony’s governor.

Classic labeling is employed: Lump all anti-vaxxers in with this tiny group that may or may not be entirely composed of federal agents:

The raids follow protests against new COVID-19 restrictions and plans to make vaccinations mandatory for people working in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical practices beginning in March. The protests are supported by the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD), which enjoys considerable support in Saxony, according to Deutsche Welle.

CNN – It’s only a matter of time before they kill somebody:

Just a week into the job, new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz finds himself confronting an increasingly radical anti-vaccination movement that, according to police, has plotted to murder elected officials and is actively threatening others. 

Oh my, this must be an extremely well-organized network they are reporting on. Wait, it’s… SIX suspects? Who were chatting online?

Authorities began their probe into the Telegram group after German investigative TV magazine ZDF Frontal 21 first reported on the alleged assassination plot last Tuesday. The unnamed suspects are all German nationals, including five men aged 32, 34, 42, 45, and 64, and one 34-year-old woman, according to police.

Oh, no! Democracy is going to die:

Saxony’s governor, Michael Kretschmer, condemned the alleged plot on his official Twitter account. “Now is the hour to act. Our democracy must be defended,” Kretschmer said. “Groups on Telegram that spread disunity and demagoguery must be shown their limits.”

And here is the wild and totally unsupportable conclusion dressed up as “straight news reporting”:

Last month, a group of protesters held a torch-lit gathering outside the home of Saxony’s interior minister, in what was widely seen as an implicit threat of violence against her.

Just as with Jan. 6, the Saxony murder plot fits so perfectly with an already established big-box media narrative that it suspiciously seems tailor-made for the purpose.

Here is NPR on Dec. 6 telling us about the dangerous rise of far-right anti-vaccine activists:

[A]s America heads into midterm elections next year, the political right and the anti-vaccine movement are drawing ever-closer togetherIt’s an alliance that promises to give both sides more power, but the cost is potentially thousands of American lives.

The article evokes the specter of derangement, which of course inherently carries with it a potential for violence:

It’s the synergy between real politics and imagined dangers that is bringing the pro-Trump movement and anti-vaccine activists together.

This is archetypal propaganda in action: Demonize the “other” as a genuine threat to the well-being of society as a whole:

“We find a huge correlation between belief in misinformation and being unvaccinated,” says Liz Hamel, who heads public opinion research with the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health care think tank.

Between conservative media and GOP politicians, many Republican voters are being pummeled with bad science about vaccines almost daily. Kaiser’s polling found that 94% of Republicans think one or more false statements about COVID-19 and vaccine safety might be true.

Over the past eight months, Hamel has watched as Republican vaccination rates have fallen further and further behind the rest of America. While Republicans tracked with other groups in terms of vaccination rates earlier this year, Kaiser’s research shows that now, an unvaccinated person is three times as likely to lean Republican as they are to lean Democrat.

From a Nov. 29 Vice article:

White nationalists and QAnon influencers have become prolific sources for anti-vaccine propaganda, while far-right extremists march alongside anti-vaxxers at protests. In countries around the world, far-right and anti-vaccine movements are now deeply intertwined.

That’s right. Big-box media outlets are accusing all those opposed to vaccine mandates of being part of a “pipeline” to violent extemism:

Far-right extremists and anti-vaxxers have increasingly found that they are natural bedfellows, sharing anti-government beliefs and indulging in a range of conspiracy theories. The boom in anti-vaccine movements since the emergence of COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for far-right groups to latch onto protests and rallies, creating a pipeline from vaccine hesitancy to outright conspiracies and extremism. 

A Bill Gates-funded establishment vaccine doctor is wheeled in to feed the narrative:

“It’s really grown in strength by becoming part of the whole far-right,” said Peter Hotez, co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children’s Hospital. “As a consequence of that, people who want to show their allegiance to that movement do so by refusing vaccinations.”  

Hotez… is a longtime target of online hate and threats from anti-vaccine activists. More recently, he’s noticed they’ve taken on a far-right tone.

“Now when the threats come, it’s of a different character,” Hotez said. “It’s about an army of patriots coming to take me down.”

The Conversation writes – It’s like recruiting people for a cult:

Far right nationalists, anti-vaxxers, libertarians and conspiracy theorists have come together over COVID, and capitalized on the anger and uncertainty simmering in some sections of the community.

They appear to have found fertile ground particularly among men who feel alienated, fearful about their employment and who spend a lot of time at home scrolling social media and encrypted messaging apps.

The New York Times in March was explicitly weaving the Jan. 6 noose around the necks of vaccine mandate opponents:

Apocalyptic warnings about the vaccine feed into the far-right narrative that the government cannot be trusted, the sentiment also at the root of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The more vaccine opponents succeed in preventing or at least delaying herd immunity, experts noted, the longer it will take for life to return to normal and that will further undermine faith in the government and its institutions.

The ruling establishment is using its mass communications organs and policing agencies to smear its opponents as dangerous extremists that must be annihilated. And it does not care one whit that innocent lives are going to become caught up in the sweeping authoritarian fishing net it is casting out to the world at large.

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