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New Social Credit App to Reward Italian Citizens for ‘Virtuous Behavior’

(by Pierre Boralevi | LifeSite News) – A new app recently released in Italy presents striking similarities with China’s social credit system by rewarding some citizens for their behavior through a point system.  

“Smart Citizen Wallet” was presented at a March 29 press conference on digital innovation in Bologna, where mayor Matteo Lepore, and Massimo Bugani, director of the city’s “Digital Agenda,” discussed the project.  

According to local newspaper  Corriere di Bologna, which described the concept as “similar to a supermarket points collection,” the app is already active in Rome, where it’s currently in its experimental stages. It is set to be launched in Bologna this fall. 

Citizens using the app will be rewarded for things such as recycling, using public transports, managing energy well, and not getting fined. Read Full Article >

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