New York AG Issues “Consumer Alert” On Apple AirTag Tracking

(by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge) – There have been several instances of bad actors using Apple AirTags to track people and or luxury sportscars. The latest was Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader, 26, who went viral after telling her story of an AirTag incident on social media of a stalker who slipped the device into her coat jacket while at a bar in New York City in early January. She said the stalker tracked her for hours, adding if it wasn’t for her iPhone’s notification that read an “unknown accessory detected,” she would’ve never known. About a month and a half since the story went viral, it appears the government has issued a consumer alert on the tracking threat.

New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a consumer alert on Wednesday about “bad actors using Apple AirTags to track individuals’ locations and their belongings for harmful purposes.”

“Individuals have reported finding unknown AirTags attached to their cars, and in their purses, coat pockets, and other personal property. Others have reportedly received alerts on their phones that their location information is being shared, even when the targets do not find an AirTag or another connected accessory,” the release said. 

James said, “AirTags are being misused to track people and their belongings to cause harm.” She said criminals who use these devices to track people and their belongings without consent “is a serious felony and will not be tolerated by my office.”

She requested all New Yorkers be on alert for these tracking devices as criminals could target them.

Besides the Sports Illustrated model, a report from Canada in early December noted car thieves placed AirTags in out-of-sight areas on luxury vehicles, tracked them, and eventually stole them.

Apple recently responded to the incidents of criminals using AirTags for nefarious purposes and said:

“We also have seen reports of bad actors attempting to misuse AirTag for malicious or criminal purposes.” 

Apple said they’ve been working closely with law enforcement agencies to resolve the matter.

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