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New Yorkers Took Over Streets Protesting Against Vaccine Mandates and Passports

(by Julian Conradson | The Gateway Pundit) – Over the weekend, thousands of protesters took over Times Square in New York City for a massive ‘world freedom rally’ against the oppressive vaccine mandates.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio recently began enforcing one of the country’s most authoritarian vaccine passport requirements for schools, restaurants, and public spaces. The mandate has crippled local businesses, which have reported a 40-60% drop in traffic since they were implemented.

New Yorkers are completely fed-up, and rightly so.

Hat tip to local independent journalist Leeroy Johnson – @leeroypress – for attending the event and providing the great videos)

Take a look:

The protesters waved American flags and held signs that read “F*ck Biden” and “Let’s go Brandon!” as they marched through the streets chanting “WAKE UP NEW YORK.”

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