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New Zealand indigenous family under house arrest for 11 months for not taking COVID jab

(by David James | LifeSite News) – New Zealand has long boasted that its relationship with its indigenous population is one of the more enlightened. Not anymore. The brutal imposition of house arrest on residents of the Pacific island of Nukunonu because they have not agreed to be vaccinated has revealed that the New Zealand government is willing to ignore basic citizen rights.  

A letter late last year from the Office of Council of Nukunonu to the unvaccinated family revealed that extreme pressure was put on them to comply. It set deadlines and saying they are “sad” the family has not complied. It said: “You will remain on house arrest with your wife … and your son … for a further six months until you reconsider your decision. Your daughter … will also be on house arrest starting tonight at 10 pm.” 

The family has now been under house arrest for 11 months. Non-complying residents on another atoll, Atafu, were allowed out several weeks ago, but they are not permitted to attend gatherings or meetings. There are no instances of Covid-19 on either atoll. Read Full Article >

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