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NYC First Responders March Against COVID-19 Vax Mandates as 4,000 Face Firing

(by Doug Mainwaring | LifeSite News) – Hundreds of New York City employees — including teachers, police, firefighters, and various trade unions — braved the elements to protest the imminent firing of approximately 4,000 city workers who have chosen not to receive the perilous, not-fully-tested, abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine. protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates and passports, and which remains under sinister attack by the Canadian government and legacy media in that country and here in the United States.

Dubbed “RipItUp,” many who are vaccinated joined the unvaccinated in support of medical freedom by publicly ripping up their “vaccination passports,” — a document that allows people to move about freely in public spaces in New York City.

“Although originally it was the unjust terminations which brought us all together to march over the Brooklyn Bridge once again, we all knew it was much more, as this fight is not specific or isolated to NYC, it’s a worldwide fight against ‘medical tyranny; and ‘medical segregation,’” one recently retired first responder who attended the event told LifeSiteNews.

He continued:

Although not necessarily planned, the overriding theme of yesterday’s event just naturally evolved into a heartfelt show of support for our brothers and sisters up in Canada, where the Canadians have taken this fight to the next level, with courage rooted in “true charity,” as opposed to Trudeau’s belief in government “coerced charity,” which is nothing less than tyranny! These brave Canadians continue to “fight the good fight!”

“Right now, I am praying for all those Canadians who have become targets of the tyrannical Trudeau government,” he added.

“Essential workers are essential for a reason,” said NYC firefighter Paul Schweit in a tweeted video. “They protect the citizens of New York City because they signed up to be of service.”

“If you’re fired for standing up for something that you believe in, it’s just wrong.  It’s un-American,” Schweit said.

“We’re not asking for much,” he continued. “We’re asking for negotiations, for the freedom to choose.” Read Full Article >

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