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NYT Cover-up of Two Genocides: Stalin’s Famine In the Ukraine and the COVID Vaccine Holocaust

(by Walt Gelles | State of the Nation) – The New York Times, more than any other Western media outlet, was instrumental in covering up Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s engineering of the horrific 1932-33 famine which killed 7 to 13 million people in the Ukraine, Caucasus, and Kazakhstan.  Walter Duranty, the NYT’s Moscow bureau chief, won the 1932 Pulitzer Prize for his dishonest and deceitful reporting about the premeditated genocide perpetrated by Stalin to collectivize farms and destroy Ukrainian society.

Stalin expropriated all available grain and livestock, imposed impossible production demands, and used the resulting starvation to break the back of the peasantry.  Duranty, a NYT Soviet apologist who supported Stalin’s brutal collectivization program, went on to defend Stalin in the Moscow Trials of 1938 which led to the execution of many defendants opposed to Stalin’s dictatorship.

Today the New York Times is covering up another genocide that’s set to dwarf Stalin’s man-made famine in size, scope and evil—the vaccine-induced killing and permanent maiming of millions of people around the world with an experimental, untested, unnecessary genetic-modification treatment, falsely labeled a “vaccine”, proven to kill or severely damage those injected.

As independent journalist Stephen Lendman has documented (, the NYT and CNN lead the vanguard in the campaign to suppress the voices of hundreds of thousands of eminent doctors, scientists, healthcare workers, independent news media, whistleblowers, vaccine victims, and ordinary citizens who question the false Official Narrative that “the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective”.

The Mainstream Media, the Big Tech censors, the health bureaucrats, and the “fact checkers”, heavily funded and controlled by Big Pharma and ruling-elite Big Money, have misled four billion people worldwide to be injected with a demonstrably injurious poison that will have long-term health consequences for those who are not killed quickly by the jab.

This insanity has only one conceivable explanation: a carefully-orchestrated operation led by a globalist cabal determined to bring about a Great Reset of humanity through population reduction, endless “vaccination”, the pauperization and elimination of masses of people, technofascist control and enslavement.

In the 1930s and after, many liberals and progressives in the West supported Stalin’s totalitarian rule.  Today’s self-styled “liberals” and “progressives” (who are actually illiberal and regressive) support the vaccine mandates and coercive measures of Joseph Stalin Biden, a senile puppet who is largely controlled by Davos globalists and Communist China.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notes in his blockbuster exposé The Real Anthony Fauci, “Most Americans are unaware of all this carnage [i.e., reports of vaccine-caused deaths and injuries worldwide] because the mainstream and social media companies immediately scrub injuries reported by doctors, victims, and families.  Media outlets like CNN and the New York Times ignore the tsunami of vaccine injuries and deaths while reflexively inflating those deaths they can blame on COVID.” (emphasis added)

As Kennedy explains: “The public never received facts about infection fatality rates or age-stratified risks for COVID with the kind of clarity that might have allowed them and their physicians to make evidence-based personal risk assessments. Instead, federal officials relied on vagueness and deception to recklessly overestimate the dangers from COVID in every age group. All of these deceptions riddled virtually every mainstream media report— particularly those by CNN and the New York Times—leaving the public with a vastly inflated and cataclysmically inaccurate impression of its lethality.  Public surveys showed that…CNN viewers and New York Times readers were catastrophically misinformed about the facts of COVID-19….”

The New York Times canonized to sainthood the massively corrupt, lying Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose dependable allies at the newspaper smeared ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine—inexpensive, effective remedies to treat and cure COVID-19 infection.  Kennedy’s book also documents how Bill Gates paid hundreds of millions of dollars to media outlets to stifle all dissenting opinion regarding the pandemic and vaccines.  The NYT, BBC, CNN and other establishment mouthpieces support Gates’s global ambitions by ridiculing those who question his self-serving advice on lockdowns, masks, and vaccines.  Gates is glorified as a “public health expert” although this self-appointed Global Health Czar never graduated from college and has zero medical training.

Ironically and tragically, Carlos Tejada, New York Times Deputy Asia Editor, died of a heart attack at age 49 less than a day after receiving his Moderna booster shot on December 17th.  His death is typical of hundreds of thousands people who drop dead or suffer severe damage within hours to days after getting the COVID-19 Genetic-Modification Biologic Agent (‘vaccine”).  You can read their heartbreaking stories, heavily censored by the presstitute media, at websites such as,,,,,,,,, Pandemic.News,,,,,,, and

The response to this slaughter from the NYT/WaPo/CNN/MSNBC Ministry Of Truth has been:  Look the other way.  Say nothing.  Or else, “It’s just a coincidence, no relation to the vaccines.”  Will the New York Times change its evil, dishonest policies after Mr. Tejada’s death?  Don’t hold your breath.  In fact, the NYT article about his death makes no mention of his Covid shot, but you can read the full, uncensored story at The National Pulse (

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls for resistance against what he terms the Biosecurity State, which has launched an unprecedented assault on humanity through governments captive to the pharmaceutical industry and their globalist backers.   Kennedy is calling for massive civil disobedience at every level, and he ends the book with these stirring words:  “Join with us to take back our democracy and our freedom.  I’ll see you on the barricades.”

Despite the Fear Campaign, propaganda and censorship imposed by the mainstream media, by Big Tech and governments, the ruling elite’s Covid scam is starting to unravel, with pushback in the form of massive protests, at least outside the USA.  But much more widespread resistance is needed.

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