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One Health: Food Security and the Catalyst for Manufactured Emergencies

(by Freddie Ponton | 21st Century Wire) – “Catalysts can help tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems”, said Toshiaki Taniike, Professor of materials chemistry from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)

For example, they can break down plastic waste, cut the carbon footprint of fertilizer production as well as capture and use carbon dioxide generated by industrial processes,” added Taniike. 

Although scientifically speaking, it would be fascinating to dive further into what Toshiaki and his team have implemented, whilst appreciating their approach that combines two cutting-edge technologies: high-throughput experimentation and artificial intelligence. However, in this piece, we will be looking at parallels between what was previously revealed in the globalist One Health framework which is being promoted by the architects of the COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’, and the One Health climate change agenda, and those who are combining social engineering through the application of Big Data and AI.

Below we will be examining how One Health approach is used in combining all the doomsday computer model-based scenarios (+AI) currently used by the WHO and other sister UN agencies, under the ever watchful eye of technocrats in the World Economic Forum.

Although the One Health approach is still in its adoption phase, this is not a major obstacle for globalist cleptocrats, as evidenced by the recent sidelining of actual scientific evidence by WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who effortlessly overruled the recommendations of his own panel of experts on declaring a health emergency for the relatively obscure condition known as ‘Monkeypox,’ to declare on his own (undoubtedly, inspired by the last pandemic) unilateral ‘global health emergency’ which he then elevated to “a public health emergency of international concern.” Unfortunately, COVID-19 has provided this new global health technocracy with a working template to launch seemingly endless ‘viral’ threats, each to be elevated to both regional epidemic or ‘global pandemic’ levels. What an epic scam.  

Video: Media briefing on monkeypox with WHO DG Dr Tedros

‘Trust the Science’

True scientists will always entertain a real scientific debate, and accept the constant state of re-evaluation, and promote forward-thinking, with the mission of helping their community to get closer to the truth. However, when it comes to the One Health approach, we are looking at a methodology employed by a corrupt scientific cult of ‘global public health.’

New Lever of Control: ‘Food Security’ 

The final leg of our One Health trilogy analysis will cover the very sensitive and complex subject of “food security.” No doubt you’ve probably heard this broad term by now, which comprises of food supply, food safety, and sustainable food production. Globalist planners are hoping to nest the issue of food security neatly under the One Health Approach. Not surprisingly, this constant variable has now found its way into all of the latest computer models and equations now being used to justify “global emergency” measures at the United Nations level, with the permanent blessing of our governments so-called leaders.

Previously, we investigated how the globalists and the United Nation Quadripartite (WHO, FAO, OIE, UNEP) had relentlessly worked at integrating One Health education into higher education curriculums in science, technology and social studies programs in order to build competencies in One Health language, and the requisite skills required to build and maintain vast networks through stakeholder institutions – supposedly designed to improve public health, environment health, food security and sustainable agriculture. This is very much the epitome of a technocracy, and the embryonic birth pangs of a global government structure. In terms of delivering on its mission of public health, One Health appears to be a pre-digested concept that helps formulate a desired narrative by using computer modeling fed by an insatiable appetite for Big Data – which sadly removes the human dimension and often ground observations. Many of the scientists financed under One Health research seem to have willingly accepted this dogma, which is nothing more than obedience as career pragmatism. Nothing new there, but none of this is going to advance any real science.

The ways and methods used by the globalists to promote and over-exaggerate various threats posed by so-called ‘climate change’, and alleged ‘zoonotic’ and other pathogens, all said to be threatening our food supply, our health, and our environmental security – pose serious doubts as to the scientific legitimacy, and thus should be challenged at every turn.

Back in 2013, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Director General Bernard Vallat, was promoting the One Health framework as the way to supposedly improve the health of animals, humans and the environment itself. But the adoption of such an approach at global, national and sub-national level has been hijacked, and inculcated into government and policymakers’ minds for years. It took around 20 years for us to start hearing leaders and presidents, and other high-level government officials using the term “One Health” – all promoting in unison, and marveling at its magical ability to predict and supposedly prevent all sort of disasters and national security threats which today have thrown the world into a perpetual state of emergency.

The United Nations Agency OIE, known today as the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), also uses a One Health approach to demonstrate how animal diseases can pose a threat to our food supply. This, they claim, is a threat to our ‘global food security,’ and to economic growth, or so they claim. You can now see this is a desperate attempt to convince the policymakers of the World (and the unelected operatives and influencers) to address these issues in a coordinated way, so as to avoid (or more likely to create) the impending public health and food emergencies. It’s quite a clever ruse, once you understand how all disciplines bounce off of each other for no valid reasons other than to provide an “irrefutable data set,” ready to re-feed into any subsequent computer model, which will certainly create the desired result which policy wonks are looking for. If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that computer models can lead to unmitigated policy disasters.

Like a machine, One Health works every single time in creating and reinforcing any global emergency scenario which enables policymakers to justify the liberticide measures they are (for most) gladly enforcing upon their respective populations.

Document: OIE (WOHA) 2013 One Health Approach Bulletin


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a One Health Food Security approach is essential for progress to ‘anticipate, prevent, detect and control diseases’ that according to them spread between animals and humans. The One Health approach is also deemed efficient to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR), prevent environment-related human and animal health threats, as well as combating many other challenges relating to food security. The globalist cult motto is:

We are one world working together for One Heath”

The questions many are asking is: has One Health ever anticipated, prevented, detected or controlled any diseases? Read Full Article >

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