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Pastor Who Stood Up to Coronavirus Police Now Has Warrant Out for His Arrest

(Daily Wire) – The Polish pastor who made international headlines for kicking provincial officials from his church in Alberta, Canada, is facing potential arrest after a Calgary court issued a warrant against him.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice David Gates authorized police and health officials “to use such reasonable force as they deem appropriate to gain access” to the building of Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s The Fortress (Cave) of Adullam church in Calgary, according to a copy of the court order obtained by Rebel News.

The warrant, which was issued April 23 but not seen by Pawlowski’s lawyer until this week, also forbids Pawlowski or anyone else from interfering with officials attempting to enter his church and, if he resists, permits law enforcement “to do anything necessary” to arrest him, imprison him, and drag him before a judge.

“The Respondent, Artur Pawlowski, together with any other person at the property … shall grant access to any Executive Officer (as defined in the [Alberta Public Health Act]) in order for him or her to attend at the Property without notice, during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to allow the Executive Officer to exercise his or her powers under [section] 59 of the Act,” the warrant reads in part.

“In the event the Respondent, Artur Pawlowski or any other person refuse to grant any Executive Officer access to the Premises or hinders or interferes with the Executive Officer in the exercise of his or her powers, then any member of Police Service … shall be permitted to accompany and assist the Executive Officer and use such reasonable force as they consider appropriate to gain access to the Premises and allow the Executive Officer (or anyone assisting the Executive Officer) to exercise his or her powers pursuant to section 59 of the Act,” the warrant also says.

The warrant goes on to specify that if there are any “reasonable grounds” for law enforcement to believe Pawlowski or anyone else has violated the court order, they are permitted “to forthwith arrest that person, restrain him or her and bring him or her at the earliest possible time before a Justice of the Court of the Queen’s Bench to show cause why he or she should not be held in contempt of Court[.]”

Also stipulated is that an individual shall not be arrested unless they have been given the opportunity to comply with the order.

“It is further ordered that, in making an arrest under this Order, Law Enforcement is authorized to do anything necessary to carry out the arrest, including the use of as much reasonable force as may be necessary to make the arrest, and without warrant to enter any place where on reasonable grounds Law Enforcement believes that the offending person may be found,” the judge added. Read Full Article >


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