Pfizer, Moderna Testing Booster Shots to Combat Virus Variants

Pfizer and Moderna Testing Booster Shots to Combat Virus Variants

The head of US pharmaceutical company Pfizer said Tuesday the company is working on booster shots to help its vaccine protect against coronavirus variants, as mutated strains of the virus continue to spread worldwide.

US biotechnology firm Moderna said Monday it will test adding a booster of its vaccine, making it three shots in total, to help it defend against a South African variant.

“Every time a new variant comes up we should be able to test whether or not [our vaccine] is effective,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Bloomberg news. “Once we discover something that is not as effective, we will very, very quickly be able to produce a booster dose that will be a small variation to the current vaccine.”

Bourla said the coronavirus will probably not be completely eliminated, but will be reduced through pharmaceuticals to an illness like the common flu, with people getting an annual shot to defend against new strains.

Pfizer developed its vaccine with the German biotechnology company BioNTech.

Moderna said its vaccine will remain protective against the variants first identified in the UK and South Africa, although the shot appeared to be less effective against the South African strain. Read Full Article >

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