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Poll: Being Vaxxed And Boosted Associated With Wanting to Start WW3 Over Ukraine

(by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation) – Vaxxies are eager to risk World War 3 over Ukraine, according to a new poll from EKOS shared with the Toronto Star.

Asked how Canada should respond to the Ukraine invasion, Canadians who received “three or more shots” overwhelmingly supported expanding sanctions (86%), seizing Russians assets (85%), cutting off shipments of Russian oil (81%) and sending additional military equipment to Ukraine (82%). Over half (52%) supported providing Ukraine with fighter jets.

In contrast, the overwhelming majority of purebloods opposed all of those insane measures, wisely seeking to avoid World War 3.

The overwhelming majority probably would have said “use diplomacy” if it was an option but the warhawks behind the poll left it off the list.

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