Researchers Find Thousands of Websites that Record Everything You Type

(by Radu Crahmaliuc | Bitdefender) – Have you ever wondered how some websites know so much about you? Sure, they collect the information you give them when registering an account, and they track your visits using cookies, but that’s all, right?

Wrong. Some might also be key-logging you, a behavior that you’d expect from malware but not a legitimate website.

According to shocking new research conducted by a team of specialists from KU Leuven, Radboud University, and the University of Lausanne, key-logging sites aren’t just a hypothesis. They’re a reality. In fact, a significant number of websites, actively record everything you type during your visit, including email addresses and passwords, even without clicking the “Submit” button.

How does the tracking work?

Let’s say, for example, you want to register for a newsletter, and you type your e-mail address, but at the last moment, you change your mind and delete it. Chances are, that site still recorded your e-mail address, even if you didn’t tap the “Submit” button. Do you have to fill out a form but you abandon it halfway there? It doesn’t matter because everything you typed has been submitted anyway. Read Full Article >

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