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Russia Preparing for War With NATO and the West

(by David Kelly | Reprinted with permission from – The recent commitment by President Biden to send M1 Abrams tanks, along with NATO ally Germany’s Leopard 2 tanks, into Ukraine to bolster their defenses against Russia’s invasion of the country has led to fears of global escalation of the conflict.

In his announcement, Biden called the M1 Abrams tanks “the most capable tanks in the world” and said they would “enhance the Ukraine’s capacity to defend its territory to achieve its strategic objectives.”  He added that the Ukrainian military would use the armor to “liberate their land.”

In addition to the tanks, the U.S. and allied countries have already sent thousands of armored vehicles, along with ammunition and anti-ship and air-defense systems, to assist in Ukraine’s defense. Russia has responded to the growing NATO countries’ support for Ukraine with increased questionable attacks on the innocent.

According to the Daily Mail:

Stefano Sannino, secretary general of the European Union’s European External Action Service, said Vladimir Putin will increase indiscriminate attacks on civilians and non-military targets and retaliate against the West.

Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo as part of an Asia-Pacific tour, he said Putin had “moved from a concept of special operation to a concept now of a war against NATO and the West”….

The EU is not looking to escalate hostilities but is “just giving the possibility of saving lives and allowing the Ukrainians to defend (themselves) from these barbaric attacks”, Mr. Sannino said.

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