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Saskatchewan Announces End to Vaccine Passport — Thank Truckers

(by Keean Bexte | The Counter Signal) – The same day as the trucker convoy officially began protesting in Ottawa, Premier Scott Moe called on the federal government to end the mandate and announced the coming end to the proof-of-vaccination policy in his home province.

“I want to start with a clear and simple message to every Saskatchewan and Canadian trucker, farmer, and individual that has contributed to keeping our communities operating over the last two years: THANK YOU,” Moe begins in a news release.

“THANK YOU for delivering the food and household products we all use every day, the parts and equipment that keep our farms and industries running, and every other kind of goods and products you can imagine.”

“If you bought something today, a trucker delivered it. So, THANK YOU!”

Moe continues with his outpouring of gratitude, detailing the challenges put on the back of truckers over the last two years. He further supports their struggle in fighting the vaccine mandate, which would see all unvaccinated truckers making cross-border trips strong-armed into getting the jab or otherwise losing their jobs due to quarantine protocols.

Though he is fully vaccinated, Moe says that vaccination does not prevent or even slow the spread, making any vaccine mandate nonsensical. Read Full Article >

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