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Saskatchewan Becomes First Canadian Province to Set Date for Ending COVID Restrictions

(by Jack Bingham | LifeSite News) – Saskatchewan has become the first province in Canada to announce firm dates for the removal of all so-called COVID-19 measures.  

On Tuesday morning, Premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe followed through with his plans to axe all COVID-19 measures in the province, setting the date for the end of the vaccine passport for February 14, with mandatory masking gone by February 28. Moe also indicated that other governments will likely follow Saskatchewan’s lead in removing all public health directives soon, including the notoriously pro-mandate federal government.  

“I knew that this [vaccine passport] policy would create deep divisions in our families, in our friendship groups, in our province,” Moe admitted at the start of the press conference.  

“People would potentially have different access, or rights, based on what their relative vaccination status would be… so what was actually a pretty extraordinary step to take, in this province, effectively created two class of citizens.”  

While not saying he regrets implementing such a divisive and discriminatory policy, Moe did say that now with the “omicron variant” it has become clear that “the benefits of this policy no longer outweigh the costs.” 

Continuing to remind residents that he supports mass vaccination, Moe stated that if “someone makes a different choice” and chooses to remain vaccine-free, that is “their right, and this government is going to respect that right.” 

“So, effective at midnight, this Sunday, February 13th, all provincial proof-of-vaccination requirements will end,” the premier explained, adding that the last remaining policy, mandatory masking, will be gone by the “end of the month.” 

Touching on other governments, Moe stated, “I have no doubt that you will see other provinces putting forward what their plan is on living with COVID and taking steps on getting life back to normal… I would put forward that the federal government should also put forward what their plan is for the federally regulated industries… And I think in fairness you will see the federal government as well, in the next while, come forward… .” Read Full Article >

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