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Scientists Claim Capitalism Will Ruin the Earth by 2050

Truth Unmuted Comment
This is nothing but the Great Reset/Agenda 21-2030 sold as scientific fact to scare the world into accepting the globalist’s plans. They sell fear of the future to get you to agree to giving up your freedom and rights for a brighter future where everyone is happy and the earth is saved from us nasty humans. Don’t take the bait! This is a scam.

A spate of new scientific research starkly lays out the choice humankind faces in coming decades:

By 2050, we could retain high levels of GDP, at the price of a world wracked by minerals and materials shortages, catastrophic climate change, and a stuttering clean energy transition —paving the way for a slowly crumbling civilization.

Or, we could ditch the GDP fetish and enter a world of abundance, with energy consumption safely contained within planetary boundaries, and high-tech economies that support jobs, health and education for everyone without costing the earth. Read More >

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