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Six Cultish Things Globalist Elites Want You to Look Forward to in 2022—and Beyond

(by Stella Morabito | Minnesota Sun) – The year is 2022. The place: a New York City so overpopulated that everyone is sleeping and dying on outdoor stairways. All sweating like pigs because of global warming. People have become unwitting cannibals because there is no more food. Elites still dine on delectables, but all that remains for the hoi polloi is the promise of a green wafer allegedly made of plankton, but in reality “It’s PEOPLE!!”

That’s the setting of the over-the-top 1973 movie “Soylent Green,” produced in the wake of Paul Ehrlich’s classic fear porn book The Population Bomb. Time has proven Ehrlich’s predictions of mass starvation due to population growth to be massively wrong. Ehrlich also lost his famous wager with the economist Julian Simon who predicted a more prosperous world. Still, Malthusian propaganda dies hard because it’s such an effective tool for social engineering.

“Soylent Green” is a random example, chosen because its year 2022 happens to be upon us. Certainly, dates and science used in science fiction have a heavy emphasis on fiction. The “Blade Runner” rebellion of genetically designed replicants was set in 2019. And, of course, Big Brother ruled in George Orwell’s 1984. Though much has come to pass, including genetic engineering and the surveillance state, there’s proof enough that we can’t predict the future with certainty.

Even so, we humans love to prophesy. So, for that job, who you gonna call? Well, we could call on some folks—mostly billionaires—working for a monopoly on the future. These are your globalists and transhumanists who have an advantage in predicting the future by just telling you what your future will be like while blockading the alternatives.

In 2020, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab came out with his book “COVID-19 and the Great Reset” which brags about how the Wuhan virus presented us (actually, him) with a wunderbar opportunity to remake the world in Schwab’s own image. Others who are in on the game include George Soros, Bill Gates, John Kerry, and a host of other high placed leftists. Along with transhumanists—folks like Ray Kurzweil, Martine Rothblatt, and just about every Silicon Valley billionaire and wannabe billionaire—Schwab has proudly stated that when he and his friends get done with us, they expect to have “changed what it means to be human.”

Such fevered dreams are typical of every utopian cultist in locations that range from Munich’s HofbrauHaus in the 1920s, to Jonestown, Guyana in the 1970s, to Davos, Switzerland today. They position themselves as the all-knowing, all-caring arbiters of how every single person on planet Earth must think, speak, and act. For the greater good, you see. And they sincerely believe that tomorrow belongs to them.

So let’s take a look at just six of the Great Reset’s “predictions” for your life and how you will live it, post-2021 or ASAP, but definitely by 2030. Let’s also note how each of these forecasts represent standard operating procedures of cult leaders, reflecting a desire for total control over what you can own (nothing,) where you can go (nowhere, without their permission,) what you can eat (no meat!) what you can learn (only what’s programmed for you,) your very identity (digital,) and who owns you (a “private-public partnership.”) Notice also the cultic hypnotic technique of putting their predictions in the form of imperatives.

“You will own nothing and you will be happy.” This seems to have become the mantra of the Great Reset. In fact, the original WEF 2016 video received so much backlash for its anti-property approach, that Big Tech and Big Media made a point of “fact-checking” it as misinformation. (Which only makes it ring even more true.)

The idea that in the New Normal you will rent or share everything, that “all products will become services,” and you’ll live in a sort of collectivist Borg may appeal to some. But you’ll be totally dependent on others who tell you what you can rent or share, based on a social credit score. This is exactly the modus operandi of cult leaders. In the case of the Great Reset, it’ll be run by an oligarchy who control access to the goods and services they deem will meet your needs. Small businesses cannot exist independently. Your job is to comply and be happy as a slave of the state.

“There will be a global price on carbon to make fossil fuels history.” A keyword here is “global,” with a central authority able to enforce the use of new energy sources. And if you think that a centralized bureaucracy will come up in a timely fashion with other forms of energy that allow you to live independently, I’m sure they have an oil field in Saudi Arabia they’d like to sell you. The goal here is scarcity and control over your mobility, which always add up to social control.

So how will they solve this problem? Easy, they tell us: through “Strategic Intelligence.” Big Think will be brought to you by all of the higher education institutions and think tanks that have abolished intellectual curiosity. It will be imposed on you by those who have imposed a censorship regime that brooks no dissent or thoughtful questions. Any new idea that gets past the censors is automatically deemed “misinformation.” Not sure how this is supposed to work, but don’t worry, folks like John Kerry are on the case. Read Full Article >

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