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Starbucks and Microsoft to help with Washington State COVID Vaccine Rollout

Governor Jay Inslee has enlisted the National Guard along with Starbucks and Microsoft to help with Washington state COVID vaccine rollout.

In an effort to streamline the delivery of Washington state’s COVID-19 vaccines, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced on Monday the state’s plan to create the Washington State Vaccine Command and Coordination Center to meet a goal of vaccinating 45,000 citizens per day.

The center — a statewide public-private partnership consisting of Washington corporations, labor unions, health-care groups and government entities — will work together to coordinate all available resources to create an infrastructure to deliver vaccines across the state as efficiently as possible.

The organizations working with the center include Starbucks, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, Costco, Service Employees International Union 1199NW, United Food and Commercial Workers 21, the Washington State Nurses Association, Sea Mar Community Health Centers and the National Guard.

“This is a massive effort, and as noble as any cause will be in 2021, because this is the year we choose to get vaccinated,” Inslee said during a press conference on Monday. “We are removing as many impediments as possible to Washingtonians getting vaccinated, and we are going to deliver every dose that comes into our state.”

“We will still be dependent on the federal government for doses,” he said, “but we are doing everything we can once it gets here.”

As for how these organizations will play a role throughout this process, Inslee’s office said in a release that each organization will focus on a different facet of vaccine distribution, including logistic coordination, allocation strategies, infrastructure support and development, and cross-organizational and agency operational communications.

For example, Starbucks, according to a news report by NBC News, will assign 11 employees with expertise in labor and deployment, operations and research and development to work full time on vaccine distribution, adding that the number of employees could change.

The Starbucks employees assigned to work on vaccine distribution, according to the report, will use the company’s computer simulation modeling system to find ways to expedite inoculations across the state’s 39 counties and 29 tribal nations.

To test these computer simulation models, the coffee mogul is utilizing its Tryer Center, which is currently used to test ideas for new store designs and beverages, to create mock-up vaccination stations and simulations focused on different ways the COVID-19 vaccines can be administered.

“Essentially, Starbucks has said they will look at ways to efficiently get consumers (people being vaccinated) through vaccination sites appropriately and efficiently,” Mike Faulk, a spokesperson from Inslee’s office, said in an email. “They’re taking the principles they apply to getting customers in and out and applying it to mass vaccination sites, with certain obvious adjustments to the uniquely different aspects of a vaccine site.” Read Full Article >

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