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Study: There’s no such thing as “long” COVID

(by Ethan Huff | Natural News) – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a new study that debunks the existence of so-called “long” COVID.

The reality is that people who claim to be suffering from long COVID are more than likely imagining it, the government body revealed. The most likely thing they have is simple anxiety induced by fear and paranoia about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

The study – you can view it for yourself at this link – explains that there is just no solid evidence proving the existence of long COVID. Further, the demographic most prone to alleged long COVID is women with a history of anxiety disorders.

Putting two and two together, long COVID is a mental health condition that is completely detached from any actual physical problem. Those who seem most prone to “contracting” it are those most prone to falling for government and media plandemic programming – and this admission comes from an official government agency, shockingly. (Related: Long COVID symptoms could also just be COVID “vaccine” damage under another name.)

“They only identified significantly higher odds of developing PASC in females and those w / anxiety disorders,” tweeted Dr. Tracy Høeg, MD, PhD. “They failed to identify objective abnormalities on diagnostic testing to explain the ongoing symptoms.”

Long COVID is a psychological disorder, not a real physical ailment

According to the Daily Caller, 189 people with lab-documented “cases” of the Fauci Flu participated in the NIH trial. All of them were at least six weeks out from their sickness when symptoms appeared.


This pool of participants was contrasted with 120 control participants who reportedly tested “negative” for Chinese Virus antibodies.

Participants were given a physical examination, lab tests, questionnaires, cognitive tests and a cardiopulmonary evaluation. Based on this, no identifiable cause of PASC symptoms was observed in most of the cases.

The study explains that 55 percent of those who were infected reported symptoms of long COVID while only 13 percent of the control group reported symptoms. Those with PASC symptoms reported lower quality of life on standardized tests.

“Exploratory studies found no evidence of persistent viral infection, autoimmunity, or abnormal immune activation in participants with PASC,” the study authors concluded.

“Abnormal findings on physical examination and diagnostic testing were uncommon.”

All evidence seems to point to the fact that long COVID is merely a psychological disorder brought on by plandemic fear. If this is the case, then those who engineered the whole thing have committed serious crimes against humanity that warrant serious punishment. Read Full Article >

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