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Sudden Death of Pro-vax Bodybuilder Highlights Epidemic of Dying Athletes Since Jab Rollout

(by Patrick Delaney | LifeSite News) – Fitness enthusiast, author and bodybuilding champion Doug Brignole died suddenly on October 13 after offering to be “a test” case for the safety of experimental COVID-19 gene-based vaccines on April 4, 2021.

In the comment thread of one of his own Facebook posts, in which he promoted uptake of the controversial injections, the former Mr. America and Mr. Universe wrote:

Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don’t die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong, and should admit it (at least to yourselves).

According to multiple reports, the 62-year-old Brignole was scheduled to appear at the Amateur Athletic Union Mr. Universe competition in Las Vegas on October 22, indicating his death was sudden and unexpected. Read Full Article >

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