Texas School District Ordered to Remove Bible From Library Shelves Amid “Content Review”

(by The Dissenter) – Keller Independent School District (ISD), just North of Ft. Worth, TX, has instructed the schools in its district to remove 40 “controversial” books from its library shelves amid a “content review,” according to a spreadsheet published by the district.

Keller ISD allows parents and others to issue a “challenge” against library books which causes them to be pulled from the shelves to be reviewed by a committee. According to Dallas Morning News, Jennifer Price, the district’s curriculum director, emailed a copy of the spreadsheet to the principals of the individual schools instructing them to pull the books “by the end of the day” on Tuesday.

Among the list of 42 books were controversial LGBTQ books like Gender Queer, All Boys Aren’t Blue, and Flamer. The Bible was listed right alongside of these other controversial books.

According to the spreadsheet, the parent who issued the challenge against the Bible has withdrawn the challenge. However, according to rules implemented by the school district, any book that was previously challenged regardless of status must be re-reviewed by the committee this year. That will include the Bible. Read Full Article >

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