In a matter of months everything changed.

2020 will go down as one of the most tumultuous years in human history. I am writing this as the year is not even half over. Already we have experienced a pandemic that has altered life for billions around the globe and measures taken to slow its spread such as “social distancing” have threatened to become the “new normal”. As a result of a total lockdown permeating every facet of society, millions have lost their jobs in the U.S. alone as we have reached unemployment levels not seen since The Great Depression. The U.S. has also recorded the highest number of cases of the novel coronavirus dubbed COVID-19 and experienced the most deaths of any country.

As people remained hunkered down in their homes for fear of contracting the “deadly” virus other tragedies become to emerge. Suicide rates, domestic violence, depression, and substance abuse have all seen a surge during the lockdown sold to the public as a way to “slow the spread” of the virus. Initially intended as a two week sacrifice to keep medical facilities from being overwhelmed with infected patients requiring ventilators and other specialized equipment, the lockdown became its own societal menace as it progressed into months.

Throughout this period of being told to stay inside and away from other people we were introduced to a host of measures that prior to the outbreak would have been considered unthinkable such as contact tracing, mandatory vaccines, and digital certificates.

Everywhere you’d go, people of every age, race, and culture donned face masks and sometimes wore gloves in public places. People avoided each other in public places going as far as crossing to the other side of the street to avoid the semblance of any contact. Government officials encouraged ratting out your neighbors if they were seen having a gathering over the determined limit. Travel came to a complete stand still. Vacations were canceled as well as weddings and funerals and other celebratory events.

Grocery stores were reoutfitted for social distancing and most other businesses deemed unessential remained closed. Our cities looked like ghost towns as roads were empty. Many parents were forced to work from home while also trying to care for their children as schools and daycares closed. Business was conducted online through services like Zoom and the economy across the globe experienced earthquake like changes.

The mainstream media continued its daily onslaught promoting fear of the virus and of each other ad nauseum. We were told that things would never go back to normal without a vaccine that everyone would be required to take. We were held captive, believing that millions would die in the U.S. alone, according to the predictive models from reputed institutions such as the Imperial College of London. Makeshift facilities were erected throughout the country in anticipation of the masses of coronavirus patients. Even the USS Comfort and USS Mercy naval ships were deployed to New York and California respectively to serve as additional hospital facilities.

Every aspect of life was affected by the coronavirus and the measures governments took to corral its spread. Aside from the lives lost to the virus, many people were completely devastated by the loss of jobs and the closure of small and mid-sized businesses. But, why has all of this happened?

The COVID Chronicles will clearly demonstrate that the pandemic and its aftermath were no accident. The next article in the series provides the backstory tracing the pandemic’s origins all the way back to 2001. As you read through the series, you will begin to see the pieces of the puzzle put together from all sides. You’ll gain understanding that this life-altering series of events was planned well in advance to prepare the world for a new global order.

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