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The Deadly Economics of the New World Order Economy

by Laurie Thomas Vass, Gabby Press | The Citizens Liberty Party News Network

“None of this is being done accidentally.  All of this is being done with forethought and implicit intention.” Sundance. The Last Refuge. July 25, 2022.

Sundance, on the website The Last Refuge, has been offering a concise economic explanation of the American economic collapse, for the economic period, beginning with the end of the Soviet Union, in 1990, the entrance of China into the World Trade Organization in 2001, up to the 2022 economic collapse.

Much of his explanation of the economic collapse revolves around the deliberate, coordinated actions of the world’s central bankers in manipulating the money supply, currency exchange rates, and interest rates to bring about a global economic collapse.

Sundance’s main point is that the central bankers of the New World Order engineered a global energy crisis to conform energy production to the previous supply levels 50 years ago, and their shortage of energy supply precipitated a global economic collapse, in conjunction with rapid M2 money creation and government spending, which precipitated global inflation.

We extend his short-term theoretical explanation by incorporating a longer term macro economic prediction of the deadly economics of the New World Order economy, based upon control over knowledge and information flows, which promote technological innovation.

In our explanation, we introduce a concept called global corporatism, to explain the close coordination between large global corporations and central bankers, to implement a seamless, one-world governing agency that controls global trade relations.

Our interpretation of history is that after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, in 1989, a new form of global trade began to emerge that featured an open, borderless global market, where large corporations produced and traded goods in a seamless international market.

This new form of global trade subordinated the role of national governments to global corporations, and replaced the unit of economic analysis from nation states to an analysis of the economics of a global stateless market oriented to trade among large corporations.

In this new version of global corporatism, large corporations collaborate with two other interest groups, labor unions, and agencies of the deep-state institutional spy apparatus, to set the rules of international trade and negotiate over the distribution of income among social classes.

The new version of international trade corporatism is called “shareholder capitalism.”

Our term for this concept of shareholder capitalism is crony corporate capitalism.

In shareholder capitalism, as explained by the Business Roundtable, there is more collaboration and negotiation over the distribution of wealth and income from corporate profits, based upon managed prices, and less reliance on market competitive prices.

The 200 members of the Business Roundtable are the dominant corporate partners in the United States for implementing the New World Order, with the subordinate partners, the Marxist Democrats, currently in control of the deep state spy apparatus.

As the Business Roundtable states in its 2019 mission statement,

“In the new global stakeholder economy, the purposes of the large corporations is to “create value for customers, invest in employee’s [welfare], foster [multicultural] diversity and inclusion, deal fairly and ethically with suppliers, support the communities where the corporation is located [globalism], and protect the environment.”

In other words, the mission of large U. S. corporations is no longer the goal of national economic prosperity for U. S. citizens and stock owners of the corporation.

The large corporations became citizens of the world, not citizens of America, in order to transition the United States to the New World economic order.

Todd Zywicki places U. S. corporate cronyism into an economic exchange framework to demonstrate that that the parties who benefit from the crony exchange exploit those who bear the costs of cronyism.

Zywicki states,

In the (implicit crony) exchange, the firm promises to share some of that surplus with politically-favored groups, such as labor unions or favored interest groups (such as environmental groups), and with the politicians themselves through campaign contributions and other means of support. Thus, the firms and their managers and shareholders gain what amounts to a sinecure and protection from the gales of creative destruction, and in exchange politicians can divert some of this flow of resources to their preferred policies and groups. (Todd J. Zywicki, Rent-Seeking, Crony Capitalism, and the Crony Constitution, Supreme Court Economic Review, Forthcoming; George Mason Legal Studies Research Paper No. LS 15-08; George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 15-26. August 26, 2015. Available at SSRN).

In 2013, U. S. corporations paid U. S. workers in manufacturing jobs an average of almost $34 an hour in wages and benefits, or a premium of almost 9 percent compared with all other American jobs, according to the Manufacturing Institute, an affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers.

In China, after the trade deals were implemented, the U. S. corporations paid Chinese slave labor $200 per month, or just under $1 per hour.

The difference between $34 per hour and $1 per hour, in Marxian theory, is called surplus labor value, which was shared between U. S. corporations and the Chinese Communist Party.

It is this surplus labor value that the Business Roundtable members propose to share with the stakeholder interest groups in their version of shareholder capitalism.

Our economic model is based upon elite decision making by corporate elites, similar in concept to the economic model of communist China. In our model, the use of the repressive police force of the government is required for the Ruling Class to extract maximum surplus value from the common citizens.

In the era of World War II, this corporate model was called corporate fascism, where the government of Italy worked with the large corporations to manage the Italian economy, for the benefit of corporate and political elites.

In the Italian corporate fascist model, the nation state of Italy was the dominant partner, and the corporations were the subordinate partners who did the bidding of the financial and political elites.

Under modern corporate globalism, we argue that the income and wealth benefits of economic growth are internalized and captured by large corporations. The corporations distribute some of the booty to their crony friends in government, and the deep state spy apparatus.

In the modern version US, version of corporatism, the large corporations are the dominant partners, and the nation states are the subordinate partners, who do the bidding of the corporations.

In contrast to entrepreneurial capitalism, the new world order global macrotechnology features corporate supply chains tightly controlled and centralized by large corporations in very few locations, such as the large metro regions of China.

Control over the interindustry supply chains allows the corporations to control the spread of potentially disruptive radical technological knowledge, whose application would tend to make both existing products obsolete, and disrupt the status quo distribution of income to the Ruling Class.

In our prediction, the end economic goal for the Ruling Elite is mass starvation, and mass death, in order to shrink the global population to what it is was several centuries ago, under the monarchy form of rule, so that the elites can extract maximum surplus value from the remaining, surviving common citizens.

The term “population control” is used as the euphemism to describe mass murder of common citizens by the Ruling Class New World Order.

In her discussion of population control at the 2020 at the World Economic Forum [WEF], in Davos, Jane Goodall stated,

“”Finally, we cannot hide away from human population growth, because, you know, it underlies so many of the other problems. All these things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago. [Rule by monarchy]”

The left-wing internet social media censorship function of the Poynter Institute immediately censored all references to Goodall’s population control statement on social media.

The Poynter Institute admitted that Goodall had made the statement, but added that reference to the statement on population control did not fit the New World Order agenda.

They stated,

Goodall did make the human population growth comments seen in the video, but she has been making the same arguments for years…The post [criticizing Goodall] was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

The economic decision making model of global corporatism is entirely Ruling Class elite-driven, with no element of citizen participatory democracy.

The modern corporate model looks just like the rule by kings and queens, in the fifteenth century, [as advocated by Goodall], with the added repressive totalitarian elements of citizen surveillance and control of the Chinese model of social control.

In subsequent columns, Sundance makes the point that the economic ruin inflicted on common citizens is a deliberate policy goal of the WEF Build Back Better policies of enforcing their economic elite rule for mass citizen control.

At the recent 2022 WEF conference in Davos, instruction booklets were passed out to participants calling for the implementation of the “global circular economy.”

The booklets and pamphlets contained the phrase “managing the transition,” which is the same phrase used by the Biden administration for promoting the Green New Deal.

The World Economic Forum propaganda of Klaus Schwab is that elite rule communism will spur greater economic growth than national sovereignty market capitalism.

His end point is that elite corporate globalism will increase the rates of economic growth leading to an increase in global middle class prosperity.

We explain in our book, Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction [Gabby Press, June 2022],

“In the absence of real economic growth, after 2001, the U. S. economy has reverted to a permanent boom-bust-bubble economy, caused by monetary and currency manipulation, coordinated by the Fed and global central banks, not real economic growth caused by private business capital investment in new technological ventures…The mirage of economic growth of global central bank monetary manipulation, replaced the real economic growth that was formerly caused by capital investment in small technology ventures, which primarily took place in 300 of the largest U. S. metro regions.”

The middle classes in the United States are being devastated by the implementation of the New World Order.

According to research, by Pew Research, on the American middle class, the percentage of citizens, in their definition of the middle class, has decreased from 61% in 1971 to 50% today.

The percentage of ultra wealthy citizens in the U. S. increased from 14% to 21% in that same time period.

We explain in our book on Schumpeter;

Based upon an analysis of the components of U. S. GDP, after the economic collapse of 2008, about 80% of all GDP was related to six service industrial sectors, [restaurants, travel, recreation], which employ about 70% of the U. S. workforce, [gig economy]…About 20% of U. S. GDP is related to the industrial sectors engaged in global trade, in the global corporate macrotechnology…We estimate that the new world order economic model benefits about 20% of the U. S. population, who get richer and richer from the operation of the global corporate model…We argue that the ultimate economic consequence of new world corporatism is world-wide economic collapse because there is insufficient technological innovation to allow the global economy to break free of the trend to a permanent global Nash equilibrium.

Sundance asked in his recent column, What Exactly Do the WEF Officials Mean by “Managing the Transition”, Here is What They Will Not Say Openly.[Sundance The Last Refuge July 21, 2022].

Sundance wrote,

We [royal we, for common citizens] could be in this period of severe economic contraction for several years, perhaps decades, until their grand design of a new energy future is complete. This has been the discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF), as the [circular economy] instructions were passed out. Raising interest rates into an already contracting economy only does one thing, it speeds up the rate of economic contraction. The central bankers will continue to say their job is to manage and/or balance employment and inflation.  However, what they will not admit is their unspoken agenda to support the political decisions.

The global elites use the propaganda of population control and climate change to implement policies that destroy the world supply of food by eliminating the sale and distribution of fertilizer and deliberately contracting food supply chains.

The case of Sri Lanka is the text book model for what will happen in the United States when fertilizer production is halted, as it is currently being done in the Netherlands and Canada.

Sri Lanka’s 22 million people have endured months of lengthy blackouts, record inflation and shortages of food, fuel and petrol. The mass of citizens in Sri Lanka are now in the early stages of starvation.

According to a news report on Breitbart, [April, 2022],

“Sri Lanka’s president announced an end to chemical fertilizer in May 2021. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa forced Sri Lanka’s agriculture sector to go “100% organic.” Production of critical crops such as rice and tea collapsed. Reports estimate as much as one-third of Sri Lanka’s productive farmland was idle after the ban. The country had to import rice and pay farmers who lost their crop income. The failure of the new agriculture policy is one of the issues that drove Sri Lankans to oust Rajapaksa by overtaking his home in mid-July.”

The key common strategy of the Ruling Class for global mass starvation is to eliminate the production of fertilizer, as they are doing in the Netherlands.

As Sundance explains, the implementation of the global food shortage is not a mistake.

The disappearance of baby formula in the United States is not a mistake or a policy  oversight.

The Biden administration’s intent of creating the baby formula shortage in the       U. S. is to starve babies.

And rest assured, Butta-glug-glug’s two babies are not experiencing the baby formula shortage like babies of common citizens.

We conclude that the economic dynamics of global economic collapse can be explained by the ideological conflict between the origins of economic growth in a society built on an individualistic values and a society based upon communist collectivism.

We argue that the ultimate economic consequence of new world corporatism is world-wide economic decline because there is insufficient technological innovation to allow the global economy to break free of the trend to a global Nash equilibrium.

No citizens in the United States ever voted to ratify this global BBB policy or the Democrat’s Green Energy initiatives.

In global corporatism, corporation executives replace the current functions of elected representatives. This arrangement of power is a modification and variation of the Italian corporate fascism of Mussolini, whose government directed the big corporations how to function on behalf of state interests.

In the new version of global corporate fascism, the corporations direct the spy agencies of the Leviathan how they can work together to meet the goals of the corporations.

The goals of the WEF Build Back Better can only be achieved in a brutal global police state repression. The political and economic model for the New World Order is the Chinese communist model of elite decision making.

Sundance correctly singles out the Federal Reserve Bank’s role in manipulating the money supply and interest rates to engineer the current economic collapse, for the benefit of bankers and the Ruling Class.

Sundance writes,

It is very weird to keep seeing all of these global institutions ignoring the origin of the global economic issues.  The World Bank will not say it directly, the EU central bank will not say it directly, the U.S. Federal Reserve will not say it directly, the U.S Treasury Dept will not say it directly, nor will the Australians, U.K. or E.U. Central Commission…Everyone knows what is happening; everyone knows the root causes; yet no one will say it directly.  Instead, they blame ancillary issues and Russia.  It’s all just weird…They are specifically targeting the production of food. This is not just “everything is connected to energy prices.” They are preventing the use of fertilizer.

As Sundance points out, this managed world-wide economic decline is not a mistake.

Sundance writes,

The central banks did not “fail to spot” the source of inflation.  The monetary policy makers did not make mistakes. The hands that guide the economic system did not screw it up, make mistakes or fail to recognize the consequences of the policy they put into place…They knew from the outset the climate change agenda would be a radical transformation of the global energy system, and as a result, the global economy…The western bankers (EU central bank, U.S. federal reserve bank, and various banking groups) are raising interest rates in order to “tame inflation” by “taming demand.”… They knew precisely what they were doing, and they did it -and continue to do it- with forethought and purpose.

We explain in our second new book America’s Final Revolution, [Gabby Press, 2022], the history and original intent of the First Bank, the Second Bank, and the Third Bank [the Fed], is to create investment speculation by increasing the money supply, which leads to economic collapse, about every 10 years.

“We explain that the cause of perpetual economic collapse, in Hamilton’s banking  system, is the unbalanced centralized power of the early national banks, and the subsequent unchecked power of the Federal Reserve Bank, to manipulate the monetary system, to the benefit of New York bankers, and the American Ruling Class…During the plunder and investment speculation phase of the U. S. economy, the Board of Governors are directly responsible for causing the economic conditions of inflation and easy credit by their manipulation of interest rates and bank reserve requirements. After each collapse, the Board of Governors act to restore the banks and corporations to their former economic social status by bailing them out…the U. S. economy is subject to the paradox of infinite regress of economic collapse because the Fed’s rules result in a cycle of corruption and speculation, which results in economic collapse, not real, sustained, economic growth.”

For corporate and financial elites, the Fed’s manipulation of the money supply and interest rates is seen as a tool to reduce risks on Ruling Class asset speculation.

The Fed’s monetary policy acts as insurance to bail the elites out of the economic crisis that they create with their risky, speculative investments.

We argue that the New World Order system functions to deliberately lower the rate of economic growth that could be achieved under a fair competitive price system, and limits distribution of the welfare benefits of economic growth to a self-selected social class of elites.

Under global crony corporate monopoly capitalism, the direction and creation of technology is controlled by a small set of corporations, and investment in technology innovation is a politically controlled and manipulated event that displaces the free competitive market environment for private capital investments.

The main assumption of the WEF circular economy is that free consumer choice is wasteful and leads to global environment degradation. In their rendition, global warming requires a global fascist state to regulate wasteful consumer choice, as in the Chinese model of society.

They state in the WEF 2022 Davos preparation documents,

“Faced with the twin headwinds of increased CO2 emissions and increased resource extraction, the global economy is only 8.6% circular. Just two years ago it was 9.1%. The global circularity gap is therefore widening…In working with international organizations, [NGOs] including the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

China’s economy is collapsing at the same time that the U. S. economy is collapsing.

The flaw in the New World Order economic logic is that the Chinese model is incapable of generating economic growth because it is incapable of technology innovation, unless it can steal technology from U. S. corporations.

Joe Hoft, writing in Gateway Pundit [July 28, 2022], states that,

The world’s second-largest economy narrowly avoided contracting in the second quarter due to widespread COVID-19 lockdowns. Analysts said Beijing’s full-year growth target of around 5.5% had been looking increasingly unattainable. China last missed its growth target in 2015…The number one and number two largest economies in the world are collapsing economically due to their own actions. Now what?

The WEF answer to “what now?” is to reduce the global population to the level that accommodates the reduced level of economic growth, consistent with the drop in energy production. [about 500 years ago].

The political stability of the crony capitalist version of the corporatist model depends on politically-connected special interests in western nations obtaining a flow of unearned benefits from the system, simply because they have a seat at the New World Order shareholder capitalist negotiating table.

Brazil, Russia, Iran, and China [BRIC] do not have a seat at the negotiating table of the Western bankers.

The International Monetary Fund, [IMF] the management arm of the central banks, has been warning that the emergence of the BRIC alliance threatens the global dominance of the New World Order.

The IMF stated,

“A serious risk to the medium-term outlook [to the global economy] is that the war in Ukraine will contribute to fragmentation of the world economy into geopolitical blocs with distinct technology standards, cross-border payment systems, and reserve currencies… such a split would prevent the global community from jointly addressing global problems. [starvation, climate change, population control]…Fragmentation may also diminish the effectiveness of multilateral cooperation [western central banks] to address climate change, with the further risk that the current food crisis could become the norm,”

Leonardo Dinic speculates that the new world order will be led by a Chinese-Russian coalition, after the Ukraine war ends. [Leonardo Dinic, Will China and Russia Lead the ‘New World Order?, China/US Focus, May 2022.].

Dinic writes,

The term New World Order has been used to describe turbulent moments when certain politicians anticipate such significant change in the geopolitical arena that conflict could inevitably give birth to a new, reorganized international system…  China and Russia [see] the opportunity to create a new version of a ‘new world order,’ which could rely and rest on foundations of multipolarity and a fundamental opposition to liberal democracy and the western financial system, which has become more weaponized via the U.S. dollar reserve system, trade wars, and sanctions… China [is] irreversibly becoming the leader of the world economy.

The WEF advocacy of the Chinese communist political model are written from the perspective that U. S. Business Roundtable corporations are opposed to China’s dominance.

However, we argue that the Chinese model of communist crony capitalism is not inconsistent with the U. S. model of crony corporate capitalism. The large corporations are already willing partners of the Chinese New World Order.

In their Shareholder Capitalist mission statement, the members of the Business Roundtable did not pledge allegiance to the United States. [I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,]

The Business Roundtable corporations pledged their allegiance to the citizens of the world and to the ideology of the Green New Deal.

The only viable alternative to the WEF corporatist fascism is an economic system called “entrepreneurial capitalism.” [Laurie Thomas Vass, America’s Final Revolution: Reconstructing Jefferson’s American Dream of An Entrepreneurial Capitalist Society,The Great American Business & Economics Press. 2022.].

Corporate control over the creation and diffusion of technological knowledge in the global macrotechnology is the weak link, and vulnerable point of attack, for updating Schumpeter’s gales of creative destruction of the new world order

Global corporations require controlled technological innovation, and global crony capitalism, in order to direct the benefits of innovation to themselves, and their crony stakeholders.

If global corporations cannot control the pace of technological innovation, they would lose control over managing and setting prices in the collaborative global economic model.

Consequently, if they lose control over setting the prices of products, they would lose control over the distribution of income that benefits themselves and their crony government agents.

We have argued elsewhere that there is only one path back to liberty in America.

Part of that path is splitting the current nation into two new nations:

  • The Socialist States of America
  • The Democratic Republic of America.

Part of that path to liberty is placing the run-amok large corporations under the sovereign control of the new constitution of the Democratic Republic of America.

And, part of the path to liberty is finding a leader who will lead citizens in a mass middle class revolt to rid themselves of a tyrannical New World Order regime.

About Gabby Press:

GABBY is short for The Great American Business & Economics Press. The political ideology of Gabby books is natural rights conservative. Rather than dwell upon the daily news of “he-said, she-said,” between Democrats and Republicans, our mission is to describe a pathway to the future for natural rights conservatives.

We believe there is only one path back to liberty.

In our new book, America’s Final Revolution, we argue that the differences between conservatives and Marxist Democrats are irreconcilable because the two visions of the American Dream are incompatible. No cultural or ideological values bind the two sides into a shared common understanding on the mission of the nation. We believe that a better idea, for conservatives, is to start over at the point in history of Jefferson’s document of 1776.

Read our 4-star review on Reedsy, the British book review website.

In our second new book, Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction, we explain why the New World Order economic system is vulnerable to regional metro technological innovation and new venture creation.

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