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The Irrefutable Failure of COVID-19 “Vaccines”

(by Michelle Edwards | UncoverDC) – By now, even COVID-19 “vaccine” fanatics surely notice that the hyped-up gene-therapy jabs are eerily dangerous and far too often deadly. Indeed, a growing list of irrefutable facts and data about the jabs offers proof that they do not prevent someone from catching or transmitting COVID-19. Likewise, there is little to no evidence that the “vaccines” lessen the symptoms of the virus for those who become infected. Instead, along with creating more vicious strains of COVID-19, the jabs have serious side effects that are more common—and often much worse—than the virus itself. And data shows that the jabs are far less effective than natural immunity. Therefore, as the COVID-19 pandemic remains a tool of the Biden administration and the midterms approach, these facts need to be repeated and shared far and wide. Simply put—the jabs are killing people.

An eye-opening, fully sourced COVID-19 fact book called “Science, Facts & Data about COVID-19 and vaccines” puts the devastating impact of the COVID-19 “vaccines” into perspective. A recent analysis of VAERS data through July 29, 2022, reveals an astonishing 1.37 million reported adverse reactions to the shots, including roughly 30 thousand deaths. Without a doubt, these numbers are significantly higher since, as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) noted, only 1% to 10% of all adverse reactions are reported to VAERS. An October 2021 study by Columbia University announced that nearly 400,000 people had died following complications from the COVID-19 “vaccines,” a figure that was 20 times higher than reported to VAERS.

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VAERS data from the United States is not the only “vaccine” deaths and adverse reactions database that continues to increase in size. VigiBase, the drug-monitoring database maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO), reports that over 2.7 million people had adverse drug reactions to the COVID-19 “vaccines” as of December 14, 2021. Europe’s Eudra Vigilance database also reveals startling numbers. As of March 15, 2022, there have been almost 42,000 deaths and 3.9 million injuries from the COVID-19 jabs. Pfizer-BioNTech’s shot leads the way. As of April 9, 2022, nearly 893,000 adverse reactions have been tied to its “vaccine.”

Science, Facts & Data a… by UncoverDC

Data Shows COVID-19 “Vaccines” Cause the Infection

Further demonstrating the jabs themselves are exacerbating the COVID-19 pandemic, a Harvard study from August 2021 established the parallel that the higher a nation’s vaccination rate, the higher its infection rate. The study, which included 68 countries and 2,947 counties in the U.S., showed “definitive proof of a positive correlation between a country’s vaccination rate and the number of infection cases, thus proving the vaccines do not stop the spread of COVID-19 (and in fact might help spread the virus.” Study authors S.V. Subramanian and Akhil Kumar declared:

“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between
percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last
7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.

As the Covid pandemic continues to defy predictions about when it will finally be ‘over,’ there is a curious phenomenon taking place across the United States and around the globe: Covid-19 case rates increasing alongside vaccination rates.”

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    VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,371,474 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 29,981 deaths and 249,116 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 29, 2022.

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