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The Mind of a Technocrat: Cognitive Dissonance and Narcissism on Steroids

by Michelle Dickey, Ph.D. Forensic Psychology | Technocracy News

Throughout my academic journey, I have been paying attention to politics and entered the spiritual awakening at God’s appointed time. Keeping politics out of schoolwork has been a challenge but totally worth it to avoid division in the classroom. All the theories of every single social and behavioral science discipline have become entangled masses of each other, except one, the theory of cognitive dissonance (CD). Why just the one? Because we are seeing CD being used every single day to brainwash people and they don’t even know they are under attack in this psychological and spiritual war. When people started taking God out of things from the classroom to their homes, science became the replacement and the societal abuse of narcissism started to become more popular. CD is the discomfort between each hemisphere of the brain, called confusion, when actions don’t match words and people begin to justify behavior (Aronson et al., 2019; Izuma & Murayama, 2019).

That justification of behavior started a very long time ago and became the foundation for narcissism, the realm of the entitlement mindset filled with all wickedness warned against in Romans 1:22-32 and 2 Timothy 3 of the Holy Bible. After waking up to and getting away from narcissistic abuse on an individual level, mentoring survivors led to more discoveries of where this abusive behavior is coming from. After all, parents and grandparents were not born with the I’sm mindset and behavior is learned, not inherited via genetics (there is zero evidence that narcissism is genetic because it is purely spiritual). Many will deny this and that’s fine, they can keep their head in the sand if they want to, it is not my responsibility to pass judgment. The end goal in the devil’s game of narcissism is a one world order and to demonize righteousness, using technocracy to manipulate human behavior (Wood, 2018).

As society continues to make excuses for bad behavior, CD is further induced as people accept lies as truth which flips the script not only in Christianity, but in academia. The excusing of bad and unrighteous behavior has been normalized to a point where people are oppressed, and our Constitutional freedoms are being slowly and methodically taken away in the name of ‘safety’ which is the responsibility of individuals. The societal abuse cycle in narcissism has induced the biggest cloud of CD we have ever seen, and people don’t even see it or know it is happening. Briefly, it is the process of grooming, suffering, and then oppression that is a larger version of the individual abuse cycle of idolizing, devaluing, and discarding, which leads to isolation of the victim.

The reason many are crept in unawares is because of the brainwashing, the indoctrination of political correctness that is slowly but surely silencing any and all opposing viewpoints and dismissing unlawful behavior. What happens over time is the populace is manipulated and turned into a sea flooded with narcissists who are sent to abuse and destroy anything they don’t understand or that doesn’t align with their backwards thinking and false reality (out of sight, out of mind). It becomes difficult to tell the difference between a narcissist and sociopath because these entitled minds are turned over to a reprobate mind and evil lurks on them, causing them to play some of the most hideous mind games on unsuspecting people (Stein, 2016). These mind games are what we call mental gymnastics, the psychological manipulation used to subdue a hostage, and we are all hostages by the political regimes of the world (Wood, 2018).

As political correctness is being used to silence and erase history, historic mistakes are repeated, over and over again while the brainwashed public follows the crowd like mind numbed robots. One side is painting themselves as the saints and no one questions it when their behavior does not match their words, and when their behavior has been normalized as righteous. We have some serious CD in action folks. When I was accused of being a liberal because I refuse to comply to nonsense with the masks, it didn’t dawn on me how serious this issue is, and I just laughed like a hyena because I am totally not a liberal. Upon further research, it was discovered that those who vote for anyone with D next to their name have been branded as conservatives. The liberals think they are the conservatives!

Talk about a holy cow moment and the CD in action is unmistakable. We have a bunch of true liberals who think they are the conservatives and that conservatives are the liberals. This backwards trend is the epitome of CD being used to rewire people’s brains so that the good guys are no longer perceived as the good guys (think about how Trump supporters are being labeled as domestic terrorists, which is so far from truth and reality). CD has been used to paint a sort of Disney Land reality for the unknowing to run to their childhood security blanket anytime a dose of the real reality creeps into their line of vision. Oh no! That’s too hard, that can’t be real. Everything is handed to these entitled minds on a silver platter via government programs and assistance, which screams a pathway to socialism as science is put on a pedestal (Wood, 2018).

Heaven forbid someone confront these scientists with facts lest they be intimidated and bullied, told they are wrong, and a smear campaign to ruin their reputation begins. We see this type of toddler behavior all over the place these days when someone disagrees with someone about anything, especially politics and God. I won’t go into much detail about the infighting among Christians as this topic is beyond the scope of this article, but just know that it is ripe with CD. No one knows what to believe about God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ anymore, except those of us who don’t engage in that battle. It is not a surprise since God has been taken out of so much He used to be a part of and biblical teachings have also gone backwards, up-side down, and are confusing people.

Confusion is the name of the narcissism game and it has done wonders to paint good as bad while making evil look good. CD has almost diminished any form of discipline for disobedience, and this is not a surprise either as any form of punishment on a child has been deemed as abuse. Excuse me? Not properly disciplining a child for bad behavior leads to narcissism, the mindset where they can do what they want, when they want, and to whom they want without consequences. How has this bad behavior been normalized? Not to knock psychology as the industry is fine but the DSM is nothing more than a big book of excuses for bad behavior. Oh, there is some truth in that book regarding some ailments but when I observe a toddler in an adult body exhibiting symptoms of every mental disorder listed, I ask you, how can someone be a walking DSM? It isn’t possible and the answer is spiritual.

Yet you will not ever get the truth because of the tight grip of CD, that doom and gloom cloud of darkness so many seem to prefer over the goodness of light and happiness. Makes me think of Ephesians 6:12 where we are told that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. The adult behaving like a toddler failed to get the message Jesus teaches in 1 Corinthians 13:11 regarding putting away childish things when we become adults. He wasn’t talking about barbie dolls or hot wheels. He was talking about childish behaviors and the narcissism associated with childhood (yes, every child is a little narcissistic as a survival method). Many adults today have never outgrown those narcissistic behaviors because of CD, and they are the ones who will remain under that cloud of confusion.

I liken this to the perception management reality where people are wearing one rose-tinted and one clear lens. The devil likes to keep people in that reality because it is where confusion thrives and those who are living there like to purposely try and confuse others, especially those who do not conform to their falsehoods. Social influence is very strong in a society that has been brainwashed into believing we are supposed treat everyone as a child with constant praise and external validators (Aronson et al., 2019). People have been turned into menspleasers due to the use of CD to trick them into thinking backwards and losing the ability to put away their insecurities, jealousy, envy, hate, and childlike stubbornness. Aside from the adults in our political arena and elsewhere acting like toddlers, there is this crazy making using CD to distort historical events in order to justify oppression (Simon, 2016).

Who in their right mind uses the holocaust as a justification for oppression? The media and those who are trying to purposely confuse everyone. What is happening overseas right now is not being reported in the U.S. Again, this goes beyond the scope of this piece, but I recommend the reader to conduct a little research as the Middle East is in full chaos, again. The reality of truth is so ugly that people would rather live in denial (part of CD) than face the facts that humanity is the culprit for all the suffering in the world, not God and not the devil. That’s right. Sure, the devil sent his evil spirits out to seek whom they can destroy and when the spirit can win that person over with temptation, man destroys man. CD is not just used in individual abuse cases; it is used on a massive worldwide scale to manipulate people into believing what is false is true.

There are countless examples of how CD is induced and how society is constantly fooled by the abuse in narcissism on a daily basis. One of the tools used against society is throwing everyone online to collect data that will be used against us. This is the same as an abuser collecting information about your weaknesses to use as ammunition against their target later. For example, you order a product regularly only to find out the company suddenly stopped selling a best seller. What? That is to induce confusion and try to get you to emotionally react (emotions fuel the earths energy-again, a spiritual concept), and change your behavior (technocracy in action). Another way is by dumbing down society so that intellectual growth becomes too difficult, or people just give up on learning.

One way we see this occurring is the addiction to online gaming, especially those games available through social media sites like Face Book. I cannot tell you the amount of time people spend playing those games and watching media! No wonder we have an issue with trying to intellectualize simplicity with world salad. The intellectualization of simple concepts is just a way to dress things up to make people appear smarter than they really are to hide the fact they lack common sense. Being addicted to and dependent on media makes people lazy and they just accept whatever they hear and see as fact. Important details and other things going on in the world are purposely left out to groom society while devaluing them with false information by inducing CD. The discard of humanity is the oppression of free speech and the isolation is to keep us silenced.

In summary, we are dealing with narcissism on steroids as the cycle of abuse gets weirder and weirder in an attempt to reshape how we all live our lives (Simon, 2016). It is the societal abuse that keeps people from knowing who the good guy is and who is the bad guy, and it causes division like politics in every realm of life. Putting politics and science on a pedestal to keep God out of sight and out of mind leads to further disconnect from reality and truth. I answered a question recently about what happens to people who don’t know they are following the wrong leader and stated that they will be sucker punched when they realize they have been tricked into worshipping the devil. No one likes to feel duped but unless people wake up, they will be forever in a state of confusion believing they are living in reality while adopting the abusive behaviors being taught via subliminal messaging and purposeful misleading information.


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