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The PfizerGate Scandal: Governments Worldwide are Disguising the Fact the Covid Shots Damage the Immune System and Cause AIDS

(by The Exposé) – Health authorities around the world are manipulating figures in an attempt to hide from the general public that the Covid-19 injections are causing the fully vaccinated to develop Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; and we can prove it…

By a concerned reader

The Chairman of the South African Medical Association. Dr. Angelique Coetzee, discovered the Omicron variant in South Africa in November 2021. Being a practicing GP during a pandemic, she saw plenty of Omicron cases and deduced from these that it lead to a mild form of the flu.

The term ‘mild’ is very specific in medicine. Dr Coetzee explains what she means by the term to the German Die Welt newspaper as follows…

“I am a clinician and based on the clinical picture there are no indications that we are dealing with a very serious disease. The course is mostly mild. I’m not saying you won’t get sick if you’re mild,”

“The definition of mild COVID-19 disease is clear, and it is a [World Health Organization] definition: patients can be treated at home and oxygen or hospitalization is not required,” 

“A serious illness is one in which we see acute pulmonary respiratory infections: people need oxygen, maybe even artificial respiration. We saw that with Delta—but not with Omicron. So I said to people, ‘I can’t say it like that because it’s not what we’re seeing.’”

So according to the discoverer of Omicron, the chairperson of the South African Medical Association, Omicron is a mild form of the flu which did not cause hospitalisation or require oxygen and was not an acute respiratory infection like Delta.

Of course this is not what the gene corrupting drug pushers want you to hear. So she went on to reveal that ‘European officials’ pressurized her to deny this truth.

“I was told not to publicly state that it was a mild illness. I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined,”

Coetzee did not specify which officials told her to keep quiet. She did say that South African officials did not try to pressure her. She claimed that she was criticized by authorities in both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Dr Coetzee explains…

“What I said at one point—because I was just tired of it—was: In South Africa, this is a mild illness, but in Europe, it is a very serious one. That’s what your politicians wanted to hear.”

These things were reported in several news sources on February 10th.

South Africa was 23% fully vaccinated in November 2021. So this means that Omicron is a mild flu for the unvaccinated. It does not cause hospitalisation and does not require oxygen and does not result in acute respiratory infection like Delta. And furthermore this is being covered up by European governments.

South Africa, being in the Southern Hemisphere, is in Summer during November (our May). We know that mild flu does not send people to hospital in May in any numbers.

So it’s strange to find so many people being hospitalised in Australia, another Southern Hemisphere country, with Omicron. But not so strange when you realise that they are fully vaccinated.

The only viable explanation is that people are suffering from VAIDS in order to make it into hospital with flu during summer, and we first saw full blown VAIDS in the New South Wales (NSW) figures for Omicron cases from 2022 January 1st -8th…

The Australian Cover Up

There we saw a 2,085 to 194.4 or 10.72 to 1 case rate ratio and a 159,325  to 787 or 202.5:to 1 case ratio. In other words 99.5% of their Omicron cases were in the fully vaccinated and one half of one percent of cases were in the unvaccinated. But the minute these figures were published by the Expose on January 28th, the State Government started rigging them to cover up the vaccine generated catastrophe as follows…

The unvaxxed Omicron cases went from 2,775 on Jan1 to 3,552 on Jan8 to 4,644 on Jan15 to 72,772 on Jan22 !
Whereas the doubly vaxxed Omicron cases went from 108,056 to 267,381 to 372,912 to 438, 255.

The Jan1 report was published on Jan13, the Jan8 report on Jan20, the Jan15 report on Feb1 and the Jan22 report on Feb4. The Jan8 report says that it was published on Feb4 which is garbage because we knew its contents before Jan28 and because its URL is .20220120 or Jan20, 2022 – DOH!

So by Feb8, the government of NSW had engineered a scenario where the 202.5 to 1 case ratio between the double dosed and the undosed had fallen to 65,343 to 68,128 or 0.95 to 1. There were now more Omicron cases in the unvaxxed than in the double vaxxed, not withstanding the fact that 95% of NSW is double vaxxed! I think they overcooked that one a bit!

So in the first 2 weeks of the year you were 10x more likely to catch Omicron if you were vaxxed. But by the 3rd week, you were 20x more likely to catch it if you were unvaxxed. 

That is the most obvious and sickening fraud by the Australian State government.

The minute the Expose article pointed out that NSW government stats showed that vaccines were causing Australians to fall ill. The State government falsified their stats in the most amateur manner imaginable. They have now demonstrated publicly to the whole world, that the health of Australians is not as important to them as selling vaccines.

Indeed that heartless administration has now become no different to any other gutter drug pusher that ever defiled the bodies of his victims for profit. This is the Australian arm of the Pfizergate Vaccine damage cover up. But it is by no means limited to Kangaropolis. Let’s have a full look at Canada, the land of the Moose.

The Canadian Cover Up

The Canadian government uses a multi stage cover up. Firstly it is almost impossible to get back issues of its Epidemiological summaries. The Australians make all their back issues available as links to pdfs. Not so the Canadians. They make nothing available other the the present report.

But one can use the wayback machine of to get them with extreme difficulty. The way back machine spends 95% of its time giving you the last report it cached and refusing to give you the next report you have asked for (even if it has that report). If you wish to spend a few millennia wrestling with a really annoying AI please visit –*/

The machine is perfectly capable of failing to load a page at least 10x then loading 25% of it, then 50% of it, then 75% of it then forgetting what it has loaded and starting all over again. Better still it can give you an html page of its cases following vaccination section with the cases by vax table from one report and with the wording of the populations with various vaccination statuses from another report.

Fortunately the population wording quotes figures from the cases table. So one can spot the mistake and match things up correctly. The pdfs it has stored are OK of course. But it was quite a jigsaw to put together. The whole story with the links is laid out in the Appendix to this article. Read Full Article >

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