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Top Pfizer, Moderna shareholders get richer quickly, make $10 billion the week after Omicron hits

(by Tim Jackson | LifeSite News) – The top eight Pfizer and Moderna shareholders saw their combined wealth rise by $10 billion in a seven-day windfall after the Omicron variant was discovered, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

With the discovery of Omicron making headlines globally from November 24, the personal wealth of Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel rose by $824 million alone amid the company’s rapid share growth, with the pharma boss selling 10,000 shares of his own stock in that period for a cool $3.19 million.

Investment giant Vanguard Group Inc. saw the value of its shareholdings in Pfizer and Moderna increase by more than $2.7 billion after the Omicron news, with Blackrock Inc.’s shares rising by more than  $2.4 billion and Baillie Gifford & Co’s Moderna stock valuation climbing by more than $1.5 billion.

State Street Corp.’s Pfizer shareholdings increased in value by more than $1 billion, and Capital World Investors’ shares rose by more than $900 million, followed closely by Bancel’s $824 million and Flagship Pioneering’s $652 million gain on Moderna stock.

Bancel’s share value reportedly rose by $1.7 billion at one point during the last week of November, but a lost legal dispute concerning company patents brought his stocks down to an $824 million valuation.

Neither company denied the staggering figures when contacted by the Daily Mail.

Reacting to the news, Irish senator Sharon Keogan said politicians needed to “check the stock market” and “join the dots” in assessing who benefits from the global response to COVID, and to cease making the participation of people in society “contingent upon the consumption of the product of a private company under direct or indirect threat of force.”

The Pifzer CEO’s recent prediction that people will need an annual COVID vaccination for many years to come was sardonically compared by the senator to a Coca-Cola CEO recommending a can with every meal, “because I’m sure he’s just concerned for people’s safety.”

Keogan then laid out the remarkable discovery that “in the week of Omicron it was discovered the wealth of the eight top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders rose by a combined €9 billion ($10 billion USD).”

“Governments globally have collectively made ordinary participation in society contingent upon consumption of the product of a private company under direct or indirect threat of force,” Keogan lamented in her December 9 speech.

“Over the past two years, the livelihoods of ordinary people have been steadily siphoned into the pockets of pharma and tech giants — the only hope we have is in recognizing that this is an entirely unsustainable (situation), and will end,” she predicted. Read Full Article >

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