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UK Police Warn Lockdown Violators

Police chiefs have warned they will clamp down heavily on anyone flouting restrictions during the new national pandemic lockdown.

They are also threatening to increase pursuit of those who are caught breaking coronavirus rules and refuse to pay fines.

A joint statement from chief constables across the North West, much of which is already subject to severe Tier 3 COVID-19 restrictions, said: “Sadly we have seen a minority right across the North West who seem incapable of demonstrating any civic responsibility and complying with the regulations.

“We know from focus groups and regional insight work the majority of the public would wish to see the police service taking a consistent and robust approach to enforcement.

“To the minority who feel the restrictions don’t apply to them, be prepared to face the consequences of greater levels of enforcement.

“We will collectively target those who flout the restrictions, particularly those organising large gatherings and music events, repeatedly holding parties or deliberately causing harm to our communities by not following the restrictions, such as self-isolating where necessary.”

New limitations on the public’s movements in England are expected to begin on Thursday after a vote in Parliament. Read Full Article >

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