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Unseen Dark Hand: The Man Who Uses YOUR Money to Make Corporations Go Woke

(by Selwyn Duke | Reprinted with permission from – Some may wonder why, in a representative republic, many of our most enforced societal norms are so unrepresentative of the wider population. Why, they may ask, is “wokeness” foisted on a citizenry generally opposed to it? One reason is a man who has been called the “puppet master behind the scenes of corporate America.” The kicker:

Unlike billionaire George Soros, this man uses your money to pull the strings.

The puppeteer is Larry Fink, CEO of multinational investment management corporation BlackRock. Fink isn’t as well known as Soros, but he has been dubbed “The Most Powerful Man in Finance.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on Fink’s machinations Thursday evening, pointing out that “BlackRock is the single largest asset manager in the entire world, and that fact gives the CEO of BlackRock Larry Fink unparalleled control over the U.S economy and of the companies that comprise it.”

“That’s a pretty significant fact given that Larry Fink has a political agenda that’s as least as aggressive as his investment strategies,” Carlson continued. He then introduced his guest, tech entrepreneur and author of the book Woke, Inc. Vivek Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy summarized Fink’s influence well, stating:

He is what I call the king of the woke industrial complex…and what they do is they cause companies to bend the knee to woke orthodoxy…. BlackRock says that we won’t invest in your company unless you abide by these progressive standards, or we’ll dock the pay of a CEO or fire a CEO who refuses to bend the knee to woke orthodoxy.

But here’s the rub, Tucker, it is not their money; that 10 trillion dollars doesn’t belong to BlackRock. Say what you will about George Soros, at least it’s his money. In this case, it is money that belongs to you, to everyday Americans in this country whose blood would boil if they actually knew the way their own money was being used to force a progressive social orthodoxy back onto them.

Carlson then summed matters up. “So to simplify it for the non-economists among us,” he said, “you invest money, you imagine this is your retirement,” but “Larry Fink has influence over where that money’s invested, and he invests it in ways that are repugnant to you and your core values and your family’s future.”

“That’s exactly right,” Ramaswamy responded. “That makes him the puppet master behind the scenes of corporate America. So when you wonder why the CEO of Coca-Cola or whoever does what they do, Larry Fink and BlackRock are a big part of that.”

Ramaswamy then touched on an even darker aspect to this story: While BlackRock exercises control over America, China controls BlackRock. Not surprisingly, Fink favors Beijing, helping it in trade negotiations while criticizing his “own” country, and China, in turn, does him political favors.

In fact, Fink has more influence over our culture than most politicians do, said Ramaswamy. He then spoke of the “great reset,” “where we dissolve the boundaries between government actors and private companies to advance a single progressive globalist agenda.” Ramaswamy stated that it’s “time to reset the great reset,” and that the first step is to understand the influence of the world’s Larry Finks. Read Full Article >

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