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US gov’t docs suggest mind-reading technology could be used to predict human behavior

(by Robert L. Kinney III | LifeSite News) – This article provides information to support suggestions that the U.S. federal government is legalizing “biosurveillance,” which could include using advanced innovative technologies for surveillance and manipulation of human brains.

While this article will treat the topic in less depth than other articles, it should still sufficiently explain the most significant points. A separate article provides a new in-depth discussion on U.S. federal government officials’ potential attempts at legalizing (after President Donald Trump was elected but prior to his taking office) a “National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System.”

First, some might say something like, “only crazy, mad scientists would support a surveillance system which can record, manipulate, and control the brains of every person in America or the world.” Read Full Article >

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