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Washington State Patrol Terminates 127 Employees Over Vaccine Mandate

(by Nick Bowman | – Washington State Patrol has terminated 127 employees — or 6% — in the wake of the newly-implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandate that took effect Monday.

Of those 127 employees, 53 were civilian workers, while 74 were commissioned officers. Sixty-seven of those were state troopers; six were sergeants and one was a captain.

WSP did not specify whether the terminated employees were unvaccinated, or had received a religious exception but were unable to be accommodated. Rather, it stated that “for varying reasons and in varying ways,” they had been “separated from employment.”

“We will miss every one of them,” WSP Chief John Batiste said in a news release. “I extend a hardy thanks to those who are leaving the agency. I truly wish that you were staying with us. You have my utmost appreciation for the hard and successful work that you have provided during your valued WSP careers. You will forever have our respect for your courage and your commitment in all you have done on behalf of the agency.”

Batiste went on to note that he is also “forever thankful” for WSP’s remaining employees as well, vowing that he is “not going to ask you to do more with less.”

“We shall do our very best to keep our remaining staff from becoming overburdened by these temporary losses,” he added. “We must now turn our attention to making sure we deploy our resources in a manner that continues to keep our roadways safe and meets the other core law enforcement responsibilities this agency has met with honor for over 100 years.”

The State Patrol has an estimated 2,200 employees working across eight separate districts. It’s unclear how these separations will affect the department’s operations, as the departures were “spread across the state impacting some areas differently than others.”

Moving forward, WSP will be monitoring its operations across its districts to determine whether adjustments need to be made to account for the loss of personnel.

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  1. Thanks for the article. Sadly, most Americans have a market share view of what they consider creditable information so of course there’s nothing but totally inhuman anti-American, anti-liberty news coming from all the traditional MSN sources.

    The first issue is the matter of edicts from self appointed royalty which transgresses over all rights and legally assigned powers. Then there’s the issue of the legality of any mandate, which btw this so called mandate is nothing but an edict, so a de facto dictator, and which is, nevertheless, apparently no where to be found in the Congressional Record, so may not even legally exist. This begs the question of whether the State of Washington can produce legal proof that any such illegal edict was ever issued by the self proclaimed dictator in DC because so far as I know, nobody can find any written record of it.

    Then we have the real issue, and the real issue is that the United States of America is under attack by a foreign power which the Biden Administration has kept close relations with, and that is the CCP of Red China. The people allied with the designs of that totalitarian authority of China are engaged in all activities to destroy not just the United States, but Canada, Mexico, and all of the Nato Alliance. They have effectively conquered Australia already and are now engaged in completing the next phase of eliminating all resistance with state sponsored terror.

    Americans need to understand that the real issue is not the disease itself, it is the vaccine and the vaccine is the vehicle of death, and nearly all deaths are now coming from the fully vaccinated. Colin Powell was fully vaccinated and needless to say had the best medical care our nation can provide and yet he still died.

    We need the media to connect the dots for the public in order to Save our nation, even to save our races, which means all of them, because the plan from the CCP is that in order for it to survive it needs to be in complete control of the entire planet. It also needs to be able to feed the growing and huge Asian Cities and it cannot do that without American, Canadian, Mexican, and European lands.

    We are in a global war with the CCP and allied with the CCP are the Globalists whom are buying up all the farm land and engaging in tactics to drive out small farmers. We need to connect up the activities of Bill Gates and others to their efforts to profit from this plan because that’s why they are involved.

    People need to use good sense but they also need to look at all information. If this understanding of how the rich are connected to the Chinese Communist Party is not understood, and how this vaccine is a bio-weapon, which by all accounts it is, then we will all be exterminated because their plan is for a Chinese Planet and their plan is to wipe out all other races, which of course means all other Asian’s as well.

    The Gov’s of WA, Or, & Ca have all planted a dagger in the backs of every American and I seriously doubt it’s accidental.

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