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WEF, Big Tech Partner to Implement “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” Scheme for World Domination

by Ethan Huff | Natural News

The world’s leading online censorship outlets are teaming up to try to subdue the globe under a new “Global Digital Safety” pact that as usual gives the globalists all the power.

The Digital Trust & Safety Partnership (DTSP), United Kingdom regulator OFCOM and the infamous World Economic Forum (WEF) embraced a threesome wedding with each other, the offspring of which is this little doozy outlining their scheme for world domination.

What DTSP, OFCOM and WEF each bring to the relationship is strategic:

– DTSP exists to “address harmful content” and ensure online “age assurance” verification

– OFCOM exists to establish “online safety”

– WEF exists to ensure you own nothing and are happy about it, as well as to brainwash law enforcement into fighting against free speech as if it were a “crime” to exercise your First Amendment rights, which is what the above-linked paper from this trio is promoting.

(Related: Remember last year when the World Health Organization [WHO] announced the launch of a “digital health certification network?”)

You’ll never speak freely and you’ll love it

The plan is to have these “online safety” entities team up with the police to ensure that all the latest censorship rules are enforced, both online and in real life. The problem is that pesky Constitution, which prohibits the type of probing these ghouls want for American society.

All privacy and transparency concerns must go by the wayside in order for the scheme to work. By framing the issue as a “national security” threat, “antisemitism” or whatever other excuses they come up with, the powers that be (TPTB) hope to trounce your online free speech rights.

A number of research institutions are under petition to join the party as well. Their purpose would involve monitoring and handling large amounts of data from a “wide range of data sources.”

Other third parties would have access to said data, and some of them would be tasked with developing and implementing “targeted interventions” to turn “subjective user experiences into tangible, quantifiable data.” This will give the spies and surveilling crews room, we are told, to measure “actual harm or positive impacts.”

All this collaboration will help those involved to understand “the experience of harm” as it pertains to online free speech, that way they can be fully engaged when “situations involving severe adverse effect and significant harm” appear.

The various participating entities also say that it is critical to develop a protocol for data collection and monitoring “while avoiding privacy issues,” though the report does not specify how such an operation would protect the public’s privacy in any way.

Once all the details are ironed between the different participating parties, the final targeted interventions that come out of it can be “harmonized globally,” meaning the globalists will expand it to encompass everyone from everywhere, whether they like it or not.

“Streamlining processes for data access and promoting partnerships between researchers and data custodians in a privacy-protecting way can enhance data availability for research purposes, leading to more robust and evidence-based approaches to measuring and addressing digital safety issues,” the paper states.

“Establishing metrics for online safety is crucial for good governance as it promotes accountability, aids evidence-based decision-making, monitors progress, guides resource allocation, facilitates benchmarking, promotes transparency and engagement and enables the evaluation of intervention effectiveness.”

“Measuring online safety is imperative for cultivating a safer and more resilient digital environment. It enables informed decision-making, facilitates policy development and enhances stakeholders’ awareness of online safety issues. By embracing these approaches, stakeholders can collectively work towards a safer online environment for all.”

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