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World Economic Forum’s Yuval Harari claims the world doesn’t need the vast majority of the population

(by Arsenio Toledo | Natural News) – Top World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser Yuval Harari recently said that the world does not need a huge population due to technological advances.

Harari made this statement during an interview with Chris Anderson, head of the TED media group, on Aug. 8. Harari made this claim while discussing the role of working-class people in society. (Related: Eugenicist who said ‘billions must soon die’ called for same number of survivors as was engraved on Georgia Guidestones as ‘vaccine genocide’ is carried out by the CDC and Big Pharma.)

The WEF adviser pointed out that, during the 20th century, the prevailing narratives of the main political systems were all about the common people, who were always portrayed as “big heroes” even if reality didn’t really treat them that way.

“If you lived, say, in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, life was very grim, but when you looked at the propaganda posters on the walls that depicted the glorious future, you were there,” said Harari. “You looked at the posters which showed steel workers and farmers in heroic poses, and it was obvious that this is the future.”

Harari noted that this is no longer the case. When people listen to popular media, they are characteristically no longer present when “a lot of these big ideas and big words” are being discussed.

“They are no longer part of the story of the future, and I think that … if I try to understand and to connect to the deep resentment of people, in many places around the world, part of what might be going there is people realize – and they’re correct in thinking that – that ‘The future doesn’t need me,’” he said.

Technology will allow the globalists to cast aside the vast majority of the population

Harari contrasted the 20th century that heavily depended on the labor of millions of people with the 21st century, where modern society is increasingly being run by a handful of elites in places like California, New York and Beijing, and economies are increasingly being automated.

“If you go back to the middle of the 20th century – and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States with Roosevelt, or if you’re in Germany with Hitler, or even in the U.S.S.R. with Stalin – and you think about building the future, then your building materials are those millions of people who are working hard in the factories, in the farms, the soldiers,” he said. “You need them. You don’t have any kind of future without them.”

“Now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population,” he added.

Harari explained that the future is no longer about developing labor power, but about advancing “more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.”

“Most people don’t contribute anything to that, except perhaps for their data, and whatever people are still doing which is useful, these technologies increasingly will make redundant and will make it possible to replace the people,” Harari concluded.

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Watch this short clip of Yuval Harari admitting that the elite will save themselves while letting everyone else drown.

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