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5G Can Bring Faster Internet — and Frightful 1984 Tyranny, China Style

by Selwyn Duke
Reprinted with permission from

The wireless innovation known as “5G” has already gotten a bad rap in some quarters, with talk about how it could disrupt aviation or degrade health. Others just conceptualize it as the promise of faster internet. But it turns out that even the most ardent doomsayers haven’t generally identified the real threat 5G poses: giving government the capacity to monitor and control everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time.

The kicker: The government currently leading in 5G development is today’s “everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time” leviathan — China.

This was the frightening message delivered by Jonathan Pelson, telecom veteran and author of Wireless Wars: China’s Dangerous Domination of 5G and How We’re Fighting Back, on a recent Tucker Carlson Today segment.

As Pelson told host Carlson:

5G is not, despite the advertisements, is not just a faster 4G. The real payoff of 5G is that factories are going to use it to totally interconnect themselves. This thing they call “the Internet of Things”: your traffic systems, license plate readers, facial recognition systems, the way farms operate. There’s devices now and sensors — wireless sensors on tractors … put sensors in the soil to test moisture levels — all of this is going to be connected. The 4G network can’t handle that. The 4G network, if they can handle a thousand calls in one sector, 5G can handle a hundred thousand. So even though the commercials talk about how it’s a lot faster than 4G, that’s almost besides the point.

Of course, a system powerful enough to control everything that could help you is powerful enough to control everything that could harm you. Interviewer Tucker Carlson mentioned this, to which Pelson responded that you “see why China would be so interested in being a dominant supplier of it…Read Full Article >

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