Will the US Experience a Dark Winter?

A “dark winter” is being predicted in America, as Joe Biden mentioned in the presidential debate on October 22. However, this does not only apply to a scenario where the coronavirus becomes more prevalent. It has been openly discussed in mainstream, social, and alternative media that widespread social unrest and violence may take place over a contested presidential election as U.S. voting polls close. Please watch the video above (before it gets removed) as it provides an excellent overview of this potential scenario. We are not posting this to instill fear, but to warn you to be prepared in case violence and martial law scenarios are enacted.

Please share this warning with your loved ones and prepare in advance as much as possible. Also, please know that participating in violence against others enables the government to spring the trap of martial law. Hatred and animosity from people on both sides of the left vs. right paradigm plays right into the hands of a government that desires to fully enslave its people.

If you’d like to delve deeper into this topic, I suggest reading the following article by Whitney Webb.

Even if you do not live in the United States, plans such as this are being enacted in countries all over the globe.

We pray you have peace, wisdom, and understanding in these trying times.

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