Alaska Airlines Unveils New Gender Neutral Flight Attendant Uniforms

(by Drew Berquist) – Alaska Airlines has announced changes to its uniform policy, including the removal of limitations on nail paint, tattoos, and piercings, as well as the development of gender-neutral uniform items for flight attendants.

In a statement, the airline stated that the policy change reflected its desire to “offer more freedom and flexibility in individual and gender expression.” Employees will be able to wear personal pronoun pins with their uniform to guarantee they are not misgendered, and the titles of the airline’s uniform kits, such as “stewardess,” will be changed to emphasize on fit rather than gender identity.

“I know firsthand what it feels like not to be seen, heard or able to bring your authentic self to work,” James Thomas, director of diversity, equity and inclusion at Alaska Airlines, said in a news release announcing the policy update. “When I’ve experienced this, it didn’t feel great and honestly made it hard to come to work every day during those times, or to deliver my best work. Our employees, guests and communities we serve have my commitment we are going to keep listening and pushing ourselves to be better.”

The announcement comes nearly nine months after the airline was accused of discriminating against nonbinary and gender nonconforming employees.

Prior to the policy change, Alaska Airlines flight attendants were obliged to follow a strict set of “male” and “female” dress and grooming requirements that included hairdo, makeup, and jewelry. Read Full Article >

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