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Baltimore to Explore Possibility of a COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

(by Chris Berinato | Fox45 Baltimore) – Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said the city’s top health official will look into adopting a vaccine passport for the city.

“I’ve asked Dr. Dzirasa o put together a recommendation for a vaccine passport here in Baltimore and we look forward to sharing more information about that in the near future,” said Mayor Scott at a news conference on December 22, 2021.

The mayor was asked about the possible passport during the question and answer session at the end of the news conference. He was asked about how soon the passport would be implemented and what that looks like.”

“Well, we don’t know yet. As I said today, I asked Dr. D to put together a group of folks, including business owners, to talk about what that would look like for us. Looking at the best practices from around the country how it has been working in some places or what hasn’t been working, and we’ll get back to you guys in the future,” said Mayor Scott.

A “vaccine passport” is a digital or paper document that show you have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Europe and U.S. states like California and New York created official digital credentials that let you verify your COVID-19 immunization record and convert it into a scannable QR code you can pull up on your cellphone.

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