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The Guise of Philanthropy

When the Global Syndicate hatches a plan to accelerate their new world order they never come right out and reveal their true intentions. Instead, they use “Orwellian Newspeak” to make their initiatives sound like they’re strictly for the good of humanity. They never mention how their policies and programs would increase their own wealth and power, but pretend their motivations are selfless and altruistic. They use words like “equity”, “equality”, “benefit”, “justice”, and “prosperity” to sell their plans and fool us into believing they’re for our good.

A long time ago, technocrats and their minions figured out that it’s better to offer a life preserver than push someone in the water and force them to swim. Mandatory compliance often leads to rebellion and uprising while offering what seems beneficial frequently leads to cooperation and acceptance. Through the adoption of philanthropy and the appearance of benevolence, it’s much easier for those with nefarious plans to hide their true aims by presenting their detractors with appealing gifts.

The Decade of Vaccines

Vaccines have been presented as mankind’s greatest gift in the fight against disease. Contrary to popular belief, the plan to vaccinate the entire planet was not conceived this year as a remedy for COVID-19. Global vaccination plans began a long time ago, but really accelerated in 2010 with the formation of the Decade of Vaccines initiative. Spearheaded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ambitious plan sought to save the lives of 8 million children through increased vaccination in developing countries by 2020. In January 2010, the foundation pledged $10 billion as seed money to launch and sustain the ten-year effort.

At face value, the Decade of Vaccines seems like an incredibly charitable undertaking. Through efforts such as this, Bill Gates, the billionaire Microsoft pioneer-turned-philanthropist, was able to shed images of being a greedy, cut-throat CEO intent on monopolizing the computer software and internet browser industry.

Both Bill and Melinda Gates offered statements regarding their magnanimous vaccination plan with the hope that others would join the cause.

We must make this the decade of vaccines. Vaccines already save and improve millions of lives in developing countries. Innovation will make it possible to save more children than ever before.
Bill Gates

Vaccines are a miracle—with just a few doses, they can prevent deadly diseases for a lifetime. We’ve made vaccines our number-one priority at the Gates Foundation because we’ve seen firsthand their incredible impact on children’s lives.
– Melinda Gates

By December 2010, the Gateses were joined by the World Health Organization, UNICEF, NIH, and GAVI-the Vaccine Alliance (a Gates Foundation creation launched in 2000). The coalition created a Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) to outline its principles, goals, and objectives. The plan’s foreword states the following:

We are facing a pivotal moment in history. Right now, the global health community has an unprecedented opportunity to coordinate with governments to develop and implement plans and strategies that will improve the lives of millions of people around the world through universal access to appropriate vaccines.

Together, we can overcome the hurdles that remain in delivering vaccines to every corner of the planet. These powerful tools are already available to most, but not yet all, people. To extend immunization to everyone, the GVAP seeks to ensure adequate resources, develop supportive health systems and infrastructure, and work with countries to train health workers needed to reach remote and marginalized populations. The plan also articulates the need for a concerted effort to develop new and improved vaccines and technologies that will help maximize the benefits of immunization around the world for years to come.

The Decade of Vaccines Leadership Council, along with all partners—governments and elected officials, health professionals, academia, manufacturers, global agencies, development partners, civil society, media and the private sector—are committed to achieving the ambitious goals of the GVAP.

The goals of the GVAP were to enable greater coordination across all stakeholder groups – national governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, the private sector and philanthropic organizations – and to identify critical policy, resource, and other gaps that needed to be addressed to realize the life-saving potential of vaccines. High ranking members from each organization and government entity signed the document, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, Leadership Council member and Director of NIAID (part of the National Institutes of Health).

Is there any wonder why Dr. Fauci has been in lock step with Bill Gates’ position on vaccines, treatments, lockdowns, and the constant fear campaign to scare everyone into taking a vaccine? The pair have been thick as thieves for quite some time. Last October, Fauci’s NIAID received $100 million towards gene research for HIV from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition the NIH, with Dr. Fauci’s approval, awarded a $3.7 million research grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to investigate coronavirus in bats which sparked fears that the lab, and not the seafood market as initially suspected, is the original coronavirus outbreak source. There is even some evidence that Dr. Fauci holds patents for genetic material inserted in a SARS virus that may have led to the creation of the current coronavirus. According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Fauci and the NIAID stand to collect half of the royalties if a coronavirus vaccine is successfully brought to market by one of four US companies.

Bill Gates, NIH director Dr. Francis Collins, NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci

(left to right) NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and NIH director Dr. Francis Collins

Vaccines Have Caused Injuries and Death

So, how successful was this vaccine initiative? When reading the press clippings you’ll hardly find any criticism or negative results from the 10-year campaign. However, if you dig deep enough you’ll discover that many countries were not pleased with the results of this vaccine blitzkrieg. Here are some examples demonstrating the ill effects of the GVAP.

The innocent child victims of the vaccine bonanza are nothing more than collateral damage to Big Pharma and their profiteering partners. With liability protections in place across the globe, there is often little recourse for the victims and their families to seek justice and receive fair compensation. I wonder if these families would agree with Bill and Melinda Gates that vaccines save and improve millions of lives in developing countries?

The Plan to Vaccinate Every American Adult

Children are not the only subjects of widespread vaccination plans. Also launched in 2010, was the revamped U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP). The plan was created to remedy the low rates of vaccination in the adult population. The overarching goal for the plan is as follows:

The vision for adult immunization is to protect the public health and achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their consequences through vaccination of all adults. The four main goals include:

  • Goal 1: Strengthen the adult immunization infrastructure.
  • Goal 2: Improve access to adult vaccines.
  • Goal 3: Increase community demand for adult immunizations.
  • Goal 4: Foster innovation in adult vaccine development and vaccination-related technologies.

The third goal sticks out like a sore thumb. In fact, it immediately brings to mind some type of propaganda campaign to convince “negligent” and “irresponsible” adults to agree to be vaccinated. In fact, this is exactly what the NAIP recommends in its Goal 3 objectives:

  • Educate and encourage individuals to be aware of and receive recommended adult immunizations.
  • Educate and encourage health care providers to recommend and/or deliver adult vaccinations.
  • Educate and encourage other groups (e.g., community and faith-based groups, tribal organizations) to promote the importance of adult immunization.

Increasing demand for vaccines seems to be a common theme. In 2019, GAVI created a new strategy to ensure no one gets left behind in their quest to vaccinate the entire planet. One of their four stated goals is to “ensure healthy markets for vaccines and related products.” Their website also states:

Since Gavi was founded in 2000, its market shaping work has helped increase the number of vaccine manufacturers supplying Gavi-eligible countries has expanded from 5 to 17 and prices have reduced dramatically. In recent years the Alliance has widened the focus of its market shaping work towards building healthy markets for each of its vaccines

Shaping markets and creating widespread demand for vaccines is an important function for the organizations pumping billions of dollars into these efforts. If you’ve noticed an increase in awareness of and pressure to take vaccines since this plan was instituted, now you know why. Just like the Global Vaccine Action Plan, the NAIP requires participation from a multitude of federal agencies like the CDC, FDA, DOD, and DHS, to local agencies and nongovernmental stakeholders such as academia, health care providers, vaccine industry, employers, foundations, and a whole host of others (see Table 2).

The entire government apparatus, along with a plethora of public and private sector entities, are colluding to ensure that every man, woman, and child in the U.S. is regularly vaccinated. Similar plans are also underway in the European Union with the Roadmap on Vaccination, which includes the development of a common vaccination card/passport for EU citizens by 2022. The CommonPass system’s digital health passport pilot begins next week with a small number of passengers flying from the UK to the US.

It is not only children who are harmed from vaccines. There are a growing number of adults who have suffered injuries after receiving recommended vaccinations, in particular for influenza:

By 2010, influenza vaccination had become a prevalent catalyst for vaccine injury petitions to the VICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program), and by 2015, it was the dominant vaccine in the Program for injuries and death, accounting for more than seven out of ten petitions filed. Influenza vaccination is the very reason why the program designed by Congress as a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is no longer primarily for children’s injuries but has become a program where compensation is more often for adult vaccine injuries.

Today the most common severe injuries reported following influenza vaccination are “shoulder injury related to vaccine administration” (SIRVA), Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), transverse myelitis (TM), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) and death.

Wayne Rohde, Children’s Health Defense

Payouts from the VICP for influenza vaccine injuries were just shy of $900 million as of this past March. Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $4.4 billion. These amounts may pale in comparison to the actual number of claims as not every petition is awarded compensation. Charges of corruption have surfaced regarding the claims process with the National Vaccine Information Center stating:

Neglect and lack of congressional oversight on the Act for more than 30 years has enabled DHHS and the Department of Justice to turn what was supposed to be a non-adversarial, expedited, less expensive, fairer and more predictable federal vaccine injury compensation program, which Congress promised parents in 1986, into a highly adversarial, lengthy, traumatic and unpredictable imitation of a lawsuit in front of a one person jury. 

Big Money and Big Influence

Despite all of these instances of sickness, injury, and death the vaccine agenda continues to go largely unchallenged. This is primarily because it’s bankrolled by one of the richest men and well-funded nonprofit organizations on the face of the earth. The initial $10 billion investment to fund the Decade of Vaccines turned into a windfall of at least $200 billion for the Gates Foundation. Gates boasted that, “They (referring to GAVI, The Global Fund, and GPEI) are the best investments that Melinda and I have made in the past 20 years, and they are some of the best investments the world can make in the years ahead.”

Bill Gates- The Best Investment We Ever Made

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is currently the largest single donor to the World Health Organization. This gives them unparalleled influence over the direction, strategies, and methods of “improving” healthcare throughout the world. Why should anyone give control of their health to an unelected, unqualified billionaire without any medical credentials and a history in the eugenics movement like Bill Gates? In 2010, Gates revealed his population reduction agenda in a TED Talk titled “Innovating to Zero” in which he stated, “when we are doing a real good job [referring to vaccination], we may be able to reduce the world population by 10% to 15%.”

In addition to the billions raked in from companies, agencies, and coalitions funded by Gates during the past 10 years, he is also positioned to cash in mightily from his many investments related to the production of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. According to an article in The Nation:

“Recent SEC filings and the foundationʼs website and most recent tax filings show more than $250 million invested in dozens of companies working on Covid vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and manufacturing. These investments put the foundation in a position to potentially financially gain from the pandemic.”

According to Forbes, from late March to late May 2020, Gates’ net worth increased by 11.9 billion. In March, Bill and Melinda purchased a $43 million mansion in Del Mar, California. Meanwhile, the poor people the Gateses claim to care so much about around the world are not faring wellas poverty, starvation, homelessness, and lack of educational access have only increased since the start of the current pandemic.

Gates has promised that there would be no return to normalcy until a vaccine is ready to be injected into the arms of billions. Just recently, he said it will take a second generation of vaccines to be created before normalcy returns, that the fall would be worse than the summer, and that people shouldn’t be allowed to communicate about vaccine safety issues. Because of Gates’ insistence that only a vaccine can protect against COVID-19, many people have been denied access to life-saving treatments and have needlessly suffered and died.

If population reduction, suffering, and misery were the goals of Gates and his elitist conspirators, then they certainly earn high marks for their accomplishments. With a COVID-19 vaccine pending, much more anguish may be foisted upon the world before people wake up to these catastrophic agendas.

In the next article, we’ll demonstrate just how insidious the plan to vaccinate the whole world really is. We’ll explore the experimental mRNA vaccines being rushed into production, the entities involved in Operation Warp Speed, and the coming media blitz designed to brainwash you into taking the vaccine.

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