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Big Tech, World Leaders are Quietly Preparing Digital IDs to Monitor, Crush Freedom Fighters Around the Globe

(by Ashley Sadler | LifeSite News) – In 2021, widespread implementation of COVID jab passport schemes in cities, states, and countries around the world not only pressured people into getting experimental drugs, they also also inured them to the experience of scanning their personal medical data to enter public spaces.

Under the auspices of “public health,” free people became accustomed to a “check-point” society in which liberty is purchased by conformity with the arbitrary mandates of the elites.

Now, even as many COVID jab passport schemes are being dropped amid widespread COVID fatigue, the World Economic Forum (WEF), international banks, and global technology companies are rapidly moving to develop global digital IDs building on the framework of COVID jab passports.

Such technology could make permanent the liberty-crushing controls imposed during the pandemic.

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