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Bilderbergers Meet in D.C. to Plan Your Future

by Steve Bayas

Reprinted with permission from

A secretive international organization of some of the most important “movers and shakers” from North America and Europe are meeting this weekend to “foster dialogue” on issues that affect the lives of American citizens, as well as those of citizens in Europe and the rest of North America.

It is the 68th annual Bilderberg meeting, with 120 participants from 21 countries. Named after the hotel where they held their initial meeting in 1954, they discuss issues of interest to the globalist-minded attendees.

This year, the topics for discussion include geopolitical realignments, NATO challenges, China, Indo-Pacific Realignment, Sino-U.S. Tech Competition, Russia, Continuity of Government and the Economy, Disruption of the Global Financial System, Disinformation, Energy Security and Sustainability, Post Pandemic Health, Fragmentation of Democratic Societies, Trade and Deglobalization, and Ukraine.

Exactly what will be said on these topics and what action, if any, will be taken concerning them is highly confidential. According to their website, they operate under the “Chatham House Rule,” which states that participants “are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor any other participant may be revealed.” Read Full Article >

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