Billionaire Pritzker family pushing ‘Synthetic Sex Identities’ on Americans

(by Kennedy Hall | LifeSite News) – One of the wealthiest families in America is responsible for a drastic change in how America – and by extension, the world – perceive of sexual identity, according to an extensive report by journalist Jennifer Bilek in Tablet Magazine.

Bilek contends that the Pritzker family, who originally made their fortune through the Hyatt hotel chain, have endeavored to throw their fortune at transgender ideology, or “synthetic sexual identities” (SSI).

Bilek employed the term SSI instead of transgender, because in her opinion it more aptly fits the trajectory and outcome of the current gender ideology. In my opinion, she makes a lot of sense, as the notion of “transgender” contains an implicit assumption that there is such a thing as gender, therefore a sexual reality that is binary. However, with the advent of innumerable manifestations of gender identities, Bilek believes it is better to use a more expansive term. Read Full Article >

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