California advances bill to become transgender ‘sanctuary,’ let courts block parents from protecting kids

(by Ashley Sadler | LifeSite News) – California lawmakers are seeking to turn the state into a “sanctuary” for radical transgenderism with a new law encouraging parents to bring their kids to the Golden State to subject them to mutilating “sex-change” surgeries and drugs, National Review reported.

The move comes after California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom previously promised to make California a “sanctuary” for abortion, in defiance of pro-life states around the country which have advanced legislation to protect the unborn.

National Review reported that S.B. 107, which was brought before the state Judiciary Committee June 8, would amend existing law to “treat refusals to allow puberty blocking, transgender surgeries, or other forms of ‘gender affirming care’” the same way the law currently treats cases of “child abuse and abandonment.” Read Full Article >

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