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College Students Suing Over State Universities’ Vaccine Mandates

(by Katy Grimes |California Globe) – In what may become precedence setting legal cases, three California State University, Chico, students who have recovered from COVID-19 are suing the state school, saying the California State University system’s requirement that they receive a COVID-19 vaccine before returning to class in the fall places them at risk of dying.

Eight Indiana University students also filed a federal lawsuit against the state school, alleging that its COVID-19 vaccine requirement violates both their constitutional rights and the state’s new anti-vaccine passport law.

Expect to see more of these lawsuits, and this is why:

I am convinced the IU vaccination mandate is unconstitutional,” said James Bopp Jr., an Indiana University alum and constitutional lawyer who has won nine cases argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. “A government school [state school] has to comply with the Constitution because that’s what the Constitution applies to, is limits on the government.”

Bopp said the mandate is an invasion of a person’s liberty and violates the 14th Amendment, which declares a state should not deprive a person of due process of law.

He also noted that both the medical and religious exemptions are also unconstitutional.

The CSU lawsuit was also filed in federal court in Sacramento on behalf of three students, and says all three contracted COVID-19 in January 2020 and subsequently recovered from the virus.

And that is the rub – people who had and recovered from COVID-19 have natural antibodies against the virus, and possibly even higher antibodies than those who are vaccinated. Because of that, many physicians say getting the vaccine on top of the body’s antibodies can be dangerous and lead to severe side effects and vaccine injuries.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Federal and state officials have repeatedly said the vaccines are safe and that their distribution nationwide has largely staved off spikes in infections and allowed for states to reopen after more than a year of protests over restrictions that include mandatory face coverings, social distancing and other precautions.

But those in positions of authority within the state are refusing to address the importance of the many people who had and recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies. Antibodies are produced naturally by your body and help the immune system recognize germs that cause disease, such as bacteria and viruses, and mark them for destruction. Read Full Article >

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