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The provisional number of births in the U.S. was 3,605,201 in 2020. That is the lowest number of births in the United States since 1979, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 2020 also had the lowest fertility rate since the government started tracking births in 1902. And don’t blame the so-called “pandemic.” Birth rates have been steadily declining since 2007, when 4.3 million babies were born in the United States. Total fertility rates have been below replacement – meaning the number of births necessary for a generation to replace itself – since 1971.

Google searches for the term “depopulation” reached peak popularity in April 2020. The term “population control” reached its peak Google popularity in March 2020. Granted we’re learning in 2021 that intelligent people succumb to government psy-ops. But critical thinkers understood immediately that something was very wrong with all the COVID-19 stuff. Plus many among the global elite continually and openly gloat about their desire to cull the masses.

Bill Gates isn’t even coy about his desires. Despite mainstream media saying his words were taken out of context or he misspoke or something, Gates said at a TED Talks that new vaccines can lower the population “by 10 to 15%.”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is quoted (via a third party) in the book The Final Days saying, “military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Kissinger also implied that population control in poor countries should be a priority since “rich” countries need the resources from those places. That quote has been sensationalized over the years. But the real quote comes from National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200, dated December 10, 1974.

Whatever may be done to guard against interruptions of supply and to develop domestic alternatives, the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests  of the United States.

Kissinger’s “useless eaters” quote also cannot be verified. But if you know Kissinger, you know it’s not out of the question.

Billionaires can only buy so much with their money. There are only so many toys and travel destinations in the world. Power is the ultimate goal for these types. They yearn control, the power to administer every move, every thought, and every goal of humanity. The World Economic Forum (WEF), founded and run by Klaus Schwab, made clear that by 2030, humanity will “own nothing and be happy.”

Interestingly or otherwise, the usual suspects (Facebook, Google, Bill Gates, PayPal, etc.) are listed as partners of the WEF. But only Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are partners. Neither Pfizer nor Moderna is a WEF partner. Thus WEF is team viral vector, not team mRNA. But that’s a topic for a different article.

The United States officially launched its depopulation blueprint in 1969. It has come to nearly 90% fruition in 2021 after hitting some roadblocks in the 1980s. But the talks about depopulation among those in power commenced in the 1930s and progressed from there. Keep these stats in mind as you read this article. They will be repeated throughout:

  • The average American adult woman (up to age 35) had 3.58 kids in 1960 (Baby Boomers).
  • 76% of black American babies were born to married mom and dad in 1965.
  • 97% of white babies were born to married mom and dad in 1965
  • 72% of all American adults were married in 1960.

The depopulation agenda is deliberate and documented. This article chronicles the depopulation journey from 1916 to today.

1916-1942: The race-based beginnings of U.S. population control

Planned Parenthood and its founder, Margaret Sanger, are the progenitors of all modern population control agendas in the United States. It’s important to note that Planned Parenthood receives a vast majority of its funding from the federal government, thus is essentially a government organization. The first “birth control clinic” opened on October 16, 1916 in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. One website described Brownsville, at that time, as “a down-trodden part of New York City where the ‘inferior races’ and ‘human weeds’ lived; immigrant southern Europeans, Slavs, Latins and Jews.” Today Brownsville is predominately Black.

Sanger began publishing the magazine Birth Control Review in 1917. Though Sanger was always careful about the language she used in public speeches, her eugenics goals were blatant and obvious. The July 1922 issue of Birth Control Review, stated the following as a founding goal:

“Sterilization of the insane and feeble-minded and the encouragement of this operation upon those afflicted with inherited or transmissible diseases, with the understanding that sterilization does not deprive the individual of his or her sex expression, but merely renders him incapable of producing children.”

Sanger founded The American Birth Control League in 1921, according to the Encyclopedia of Women’s History in America. It’s mission statement not only reiterated Sanger’s goal of eugenics, but racially-targeted eugenics.

THE AMERICAN BIRTH CONTROL LEAGUE. Its Aim: To promote eugenic birth selection throughout the United States so that there may be more well‑born and fewer ill‑born children ― a stronger, healthier, more intelligent race … and in order that those who are physically and mentally unsound may use birth control to have fewer or no children” Birth Control Review, Volume XVI, Number 12 (December 1932), page 319.

Sanger launched her “Negro Project” in 1939. You can read more about that here. But essentially the goal was to stop Black babies from being born at all in the United States. The American Birth Control League changed its name to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942.

1942-1969: Planned Parenthood hastens destruction of nuclear family

Sanger continued expanding Planned Parenthood and connecting with eugenicists globally and domestically. She established the International Planned Parenthood Federation in 1952. The organization won several victories in courts and on administrative levels in the 1950s and 1960s. The Food and Drug Administration approved the first birth control pill – Enovid-10 – on May 9, 1960. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down all bans on birth control pills for married couples in the 1965 case Griswold vs. Connecticut. Sanger died one year after the decision. But the organization was left in “good” hands. More on that shortly.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan was the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. He was also a U.S. Senator for New York from 1977 to 2001. Moynihan and his staff published a report entitled, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action” in March 1965. He pointed out many reasons for inequality between Blacks and Whites, particularly “the racist virus in the American blood stream still afflicts us: Negroes will encounter serious personal prejudice for at least another generation. Second, three centuries of sometimes unimaginable mistreatment have taken their toll on the Negro people.”

But Moynihan’s main point throughout the document was clear – Black Americans cannot prosper as long as the family structure continues deteriorating. He pointed out how much of the American Black family paradigm carried over from slavery days, meaning Black men jumping around impregnating multiple women (to create more slaves for their White masters), fear of the family being torn apart via trafficking (slave sales), rape by masters, castrations, etc.

Black families thrived in 1950s and early 1960s

Despite all the hurdles, nearly 85% of black babies were born to a married mom and dad in 1950. Granted that’s much less than the 98% of white babies born to married mom and dad in 1950. But that’s as even as it ever was in post-Antebellum U.S. history. Meanwhile there were less than 150,000 Black Americans in prison or jail in 1950 (of course the “war on drugs” greatly contributed to that number being 10-times higher in 2021). Black-owned businesses thrived through the early 1960s and were pillars of stability in Black communities. Here, we repeat the statistics from the beginning of the article.

  • The average American adult woman (up to age 35) had 3.58 kids in 1960.
  • 76% of black American babies were born to married mom and dad in 1965.
  • 97% of white babies were born to married mom and dad in 1965
  • 72% of all Americans were married in 1960.

Out-of-wedlock Black births rose from about 15% in 1950 to 24% in 1965. Black-owned businesses closed at a rapid pace after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 officially ended segregation. Thus Black-owned businesses were no longer “necessary.” Black customers were now more inclined to patronize the White-owned business that they formerly could not go to. In fact many Black intellectuals who grew up during those times blamed integration not only on the fall of the Black family, but also Black infrastructure, meaning businesses.

The damage was done to Black Americans. The situation continually worsened until it reached abyss levels in 2021. But eugenicists weren’t satisfied. They now had the blueprint to population control and manipulation – destroy the nuclear family. White families had been unaffected by all of the happenings of the 1960s. A new strategy was necessary, as the same tactics used to hasten Black family self-destruction wouldn’t work on white families.

Birth control pills were mainstream among white women by the late 1960s. That alone slowed births quite a bit. But Planned Parenthood and its partners had loftier goals for global population control.

1969: the official start to modern global depopulation

Mainstream media “fact-checkers” (e.g. Snopes and Politifact) say that Bill Gates, Sr. never worked for Planned Parenthood and dismiss the whole idea as “conspiracy theory.” Planned Parenthood websites have scrubbed all remnants of Gates Sr. working for them. Unfortunately for mainstream media, Bill Jr. spilled the beans in a May 9, 2003 PBS interview. Like eugenicist father, like eugenicist son. Gates Jr. told Bill Moyers:

When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so it’s fascinating. At the dinner table my parents are very good at sharing the things that they were doing. And almost treating us like adults, talking about that.

The full PBS transcript is here. Bill Gates Jr. was born in 1955. Thus he was “growing up” in the 1960s and early 1970s. That is the time frame that Gates, Sr. headed Planned Parenthood, likely after Sanger died. His visions extended far beyond Sanger’s black genocide goals. The organization and its partners forged ahead with its new, larger visions.

The Jaffe Memo

Frederick S. Jaffe was the Vice President of Planned Parenthood in 1969. He was also Executive Director of Planned Parenthood’s Center for Family Planning Program Development. He wrote a memorandum in response to a request from Bernard Berelson, who at the time was President of the Rockefeller-founded Population Council. The March 11, 1969 letter became known as the Jaffe Memo.

The 9-page document is a fascinating read into the minds of eugenicists and depopulation advocates. But it is page 9 that is essentially the blueprint for everything that has happened since 1969 related to American families, social norms, sexuality and depopulation. A table outlines “Proposed Measures to Reduce Fertility by universality or Selectivity of Impact in the U.S.” Read Full Article >

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