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Digital Enslavement: Walletmor Claims to be First Company to Sell Contactless Bank Card Chips Implanted Into Humans

(by Aisha Nozari | LADBible) – British-Polish entrepreneur Wojtek Paprota claims his company Walletmor is the first ever business to sell bank card chips that can be implanted into humans

The ‘about’ section on Walletmor’s LinkedIn reads: “Walletmor is the first-ever company providing legitimate payment implants.”

The company’s mission is to eradicate ‘bulky wallets’ and allow people to pay for things with ‘a wave of their hand’, making round-buying down the pub dangerously easy.

Walletmor’s website states that implants cost €199 (£168) and entail a three-step process.

Walletmor claims to be the first ever business to sell bank card chips that can be implanted into humans. Credit:

Firstly, customers must download an app called iCard – which is a digital wallet that can be linked to the Walletmor implant – and set up an account.

Next, customers must activate their implant via the iCard app and add money to their account.

The final step is booking an appointment to have the implant installed at a medical aesthetics clinic.

The implant is injected on the outside of the hand or in the forearm, just above the wrist. It’s recommended not to have the implant injected on a location where you’d normally wear jewellery or a watch.

A warning on Walletmor’s site reads: “Injecting the Walletmor implant is relatively easy, however, we do not recommend performing the injection process on your own.

“Not only every surgeon but also every piercer from your hometown is able to perform the installation process with the attached instruction.” Read Full Article >


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