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Dozens of Restaurants in Seattle Requiring Proof of Vaccination

(The Hill) – Dozens of restaurants and bars in Seattle will require proof of vaccination for customers to enter.

There were at least 60 bars on Friday in the city that would not allow a person to enter without proof they are fully vaccinated, The Seattle Times reported.

The move comes after many bars had to shut down last week due to employees contracting the coronavirus. 

Linda Derschang, owner of Linda’s Tavern and Oddfellows Cafe + Bar, told The Seattle Times her restaurants could not afford to shut down again and she wanted to keep her employees safe.

Proof of vaccination for restaurants is not mandated by the state; establishments are setting these rules for themselves. 

“No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no entry,” Derschang said.

Some establishments are having unvaccinated customers eat outside, while others are having those under the age of 16 wear masks whenever they leave their seats if they are unvaccinated, according to the local outlet.

The restrictions come as the delta variant is causing cases to rise in Washington and across the country. 

Washington has 59 percent of its population fully vaccinated as it fights its fifth surge of coronavirus cases. 

Along with wanting proof of vaccination, other companies are requiring that their employees get vaccinated in order to continue working.

Source: Lexi Lonas | The Hill

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