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Dozens Protest Outside Houston Methodist Hospital over Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

by Matthew Seedorf | Fox26

While millions of Americans have now received a COVID-19 vaccine, millions of others are also choosing not to get vaccinated.

On Saturday, nearly a hundred people protested outside Houston Methodist Hospital against their mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy.

“We don’t agree with being forced to take a mandatory vaccine, or we get fired from our job,” said Jennifer Bridges, a registered nurse.

As we’ve previously reported, Houston Methodist is requiring their staff members to get vaccinated for COVID-19 by June 7th.  If not, they’ll lose their job.

“Everybody should have a choice of what they inject in their own body,” said Bridges.  “This is under emergency use, it’s not even FDA approved.”

Bridges says she won’t be getting the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine.  In addition, Bridges believes there are more than a thousand other Houston Methodist staff members who also won’t get the shot.

“The rest of my life is more important to me, than staying on with Methodist,” said Bridges.  “I’ll get another job.  I’ll go back to bartending.  I don’t care what I do, but I’m not risking anything over some experimental vaccine.” Read Full Article >

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  1. A friend told me that if it came to mandatory vaccines, he would ask his employer if they could guarantee no negative side effects from the virus, and if there were negative side effects, do they have health insurance that would cover any ill effects from the vaccine. Also, isn’t there a question of how the vaccine might effect the ability to have children and possible side effects on those children?

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